Making a Chanel Exception


Apparently I’m trying to pull off one week blogging/one week not blogging. I think the winter might really be getting to me this year. And it hasn’t even started snowing yet… I really should get more organised but easier said than done…

If you get past that, let’s talk Chanel Exception. Chanel. Well, they always come out with the most beautiful products and this is no exception. I’m trying to get into other brands but Chanel is still the primary. Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan of their Holiday collection but I couldn’t resist the new lip and nail stand. A Rouge Allure Gloss is coming but that’s another post.

I love the creamy finish and opacity with just one coat
I love the creamy finish and opacity with just one coat; also note that IRL it’s more brown, less red

Forever on the lookout for a certain shade of red, this ticks one of the boxes. At first, Exception might seem to be your standard dark red nail polish but I find it to be quite unusual. It’s truly a brown/red and my camera failed to capture that beautiful brown richness. If I were to get fancy French, I’d call it a rouge marron. But at the same time Exception has a slight plum undertone and it’s lighter than a usual burgundy nail polish which always tends to look quite vampy against my ghostly hands. This doesn’t.


Yup, another Chanel shade I couldn’t resist. I am not completely objective here but I do think they come out with the prettiest colours. And while I wouldn’t exactly call them the most long-lasting, I appreciate the formula. I was highly impressed that it went on completely opaque in the first coat, no streaks and I can be quite sloppy with application. The finish is high-shine, creamy and the thin brush is definitely my favourite.

Putting Essie Bordeaux (or its remainder) back in my drawer and moving onto Chanel Exception for the rest of winter!

7 thoughts on “Making a Chanel Exception”

  1. Such a beautiful shade! Btw, I am giving away the Urban Decay Naked On The Run on my blog, so if you’re interested, feel free to check out my post and enter!

    Have a great day!

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