The Products I Wish Weren’t Limited Edition


So let’s consider the worst case beauty scenario. You find the perfect lip colour but before you snap it, it’s out stock and never coming back again. Seasonal collections can be fun but also frustrating. You always regret the things you didn’t buy the most, right?

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in L’Adorée wins the price here. This last spring edition colour was the perfect match to their Charivari nail polish and yet I didn’t get it. But it’s haunted me ever since it disappeared off the counters. L’Adorée is the epitome of wearable muted purple mauve lipstick. I’ve always wanted to try try purple and this hits the spot. Say lucky when I found it at the counter last week?

Chanel L'Adorée, although my camera didn't pick up the purple, it's less pink in IRL
Chanel L’Adorée, although my camera didn’t pick up the purple, it’s less pink IRL

Next up, we’re only going back to last year’s fall collection from Dior. I haven’t even paid attention when this collection came out but then I saw somebody talk about it and oh well. The name caught my attention. I blame this on The Good Wife and Murder One but any time I hear ‘Bar’, I think of the Bar Association. Dior Rouge in Bar is a pearly beige with lilac tone. I’ve found my perfect nude, I mean it.

Wearing Dior Bar and Chanel Ambre Doré on the waterline

If you’ve read my February favourites post, you’ll know about this but honestly, I cannot get over how perfect the Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Ambre Doré is. When buying it, I didn’t expect much but I quickly couldn’t stop using it. Everyday in my waterline. It brightens up and finishes off the look, much more flattering (and interesting) than nude if you ask me. And I’ve already used half of it, why Chanel?

L-R: Chanel L’Adorée, Dior Bar

I could mention a few more but let me end with this one. Nars Dolomites duo (tutorial here) must be my favourite colour combination. Reddish brown and lilac. I’m obsessed with wearing the brown all over the eyelid and highlighting with the lilac but you can also use it in the socket. Whilst I could live without the lighter shade, the brown is just so rich and versatile.

Do you have dupes for any of them? Or do you have any products that you love that were limited edition or discontinued?

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