May Favourites: Beauty and Fashion

Nars Barbara Tom Ford Cafe Rose Chanel Grenat Essie May… it’s safe to say I’m happy it’s finally over so I can take a deep breath and relax. In terms of makeup, I haven’t really bought any new products so like I did last month, I thought I’d throw in a couple other non-beauty related favourites. Nars Audacious Lipstick in Barbara – it was in my favourites before this year but let me be honest with, when I wore makeup this month, this has been the only lipstick I wore. It truly is my all-time favourite and you can read more about it here. Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner in Grenat – I believe this is no longer available since Chanel loves to discount all of my favourite products but I found it in my eyeliner cup and remembered how great looks against my green eyes. I love a bit of bordeaux on the eye. Essie Nail Polish in Pearly White – I never thought I’d wear a pearly white nail polish but having seen Diane Lockhart sport in those 134 episodes of The Good Wife changed me. I mean, is there a real-life Diane somewhere? Epitome of elegance. Tom Ford Café Rose – do I even start with how perfect Tom Ford’s brand is? This is a heavier alluring scent which is always my preference. You can look up notes on this one if you’re interested but essentially it’s a blend of roses and coffee. I love both and I wore it the whole month. IMG_3487 Asos Foldover Suede Clutch – to be honest I didn’t quite expect this one to be so large but it pretty much means that I can throw everything into it. Besides, I love a good maxi clutch, they look so chic in my opinion. A what’s in bag post here. IMG_3485 Aldo Peep Toe Booties – this past month I needed a heel I could walk in and stilettos are just not my jam but I fell in love with this booties the moment I saw them. Granted these aren’t the most comfortable to walk in, mainly because my feet are quite small so 4 inches are quite a challenge but I think I’m used to them by now. Fin. And what have you been loving this month? A next post should be up on Thursday and till then, have a great day!

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