If You Had To Have One Eyeshadow


It’s a one eyeshadow that made me fall in love with makeup so I’ve always thought eye makeup to be my favourite. To the point where I would rarely even wear a lipstick unless it was a special occasion. Things have obviously changed over the years but there is one shadow in my stash that remains a favourite. While it’s not the first one I got, it’s the first Mac product I ever bought when I was on holidays in Amsterdam.


Mac Sable. A reddish tone which adds to the otherwise plain bronze shade making it brilliant at enhancing green or blue eyes but not making you look sickly. There is no fallout, the pigmentation is great and what really makes this the one for me is the finish. Mac call it a frost and it has a slight metallic sheen without shimmer particles which makes it perfect because I can often be put off by glitter chunks.

Mac Sable

Mac SableSable is great for the those one eyeshadow looks. Of course, you could add a darker matte in the socket or a darker bronze on the outer corner but it has enough complexity on its own and you really don’t other shadows. I love to blend it all around the eye, top and bottom. It reflects the light in a beautiful way and I would go as far as to say if I only had to have an eyeshadow, I would be perfectly happy with this one.

Mac Sable, Pure Zen

Now, what’s your favourite eyeshadow? Single or a palette. Or maybe you’ll be fine skipping it altogether. I’d love to know.

3 thoughts on “If You Had To Have One Eyeshadow”

  1. OMG it looks amaze. Love this post would be fab if you could check out my latest post too x x

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