Eyebrow Focus For Redheads


Admittedly I’m not much of an eyebrow girl. Not only do I like a soft brow look, I also have no time in the morning to fill mine in. Unfortunately my eyebrow hairs are quite gray and dull against my complexion (not that I have that many of them). Not flattering especially when your locks are a shade of light auburn.


I did my research on the products for redheads and there weren’t many choices. I went to the MAC counter and picked up the quick and easy option, Mac Prolongwear Waterproof Brow Set in Red Chestnut because when you just start doing your brows, you’re not used to the look of them with any product in them. Eyebrows and pomades were also out of question as they are quite time-consuming but if you have a recommendation, I’d love to hear it.


Whether or not your eyebrows suit your colouring, I think this gel is a great option to add a little definition to your eyebrows (there might be fibres in it?) but it requires not much precision. However, the reason I got it was to add that much needed warmth into my brow hairs. I mean all the talk about not matching your hair, only using ashy colours, I think it looks off with strawberry blonde and chestnut shades. *Cringes looking at old blog photos*


So I actually started using the brow gel everyday and it’s quite impressive. The brush is small (although my eyebrows are very thin so it could be even smaller but then probably too small for everyone else), the colour is perfect if you have a hair colour similar in tone to mine and when they say ‘waterproof’, they mean that and more. It won’t budge, it won’t smudge.


On the lighten and tint side of of things, I actually started using Jolen Creme Bleach recently to get my hairs more of a light warm blonde (I feel five again – yay!) and it actually just makes Red Chestnut blend in more seemlessly. It gives my eyebrows a ginger vibe without being too red. Of course, the effect is more natural now but even pre-lightening, it was satisfying.

Le sigh. Did I even make sense in this post? What I tried to share with you was my über simplified brow routine since I’m such an eyebrow noob. The point of it is just adding little somethin’, somethin’ to your brows. It seems to pull the whole face together but it isn’t overwhelming. If you find that your brows don’t quite go with your colouring or you don’t have time to fill them in everyday, tinted brow gel is the way to go!

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