Embracing Summer Nail Colours


You might have noticed I’m a monochrome lover through and through. For the majority of time that also includes my nail colour where my bravest shades include reds and whites. Still keeping that theme in summer, I do like to give some love to my brighter polishes.

VVB x Nails Inc Bamboo White Judo Red, Chanel Azuré, Essie Chubby Cheeks


Nails Inc Bamboo White – how late am I to the VVB x Nails Inc. party? Well, I’m gonna say it’s because I feel like they’re great summer shades. Bamboo White is the perfect off white pink that if you have a yellow undertone in your skin like me, can look a bit lilac. Basically, it’s like a perfect nude/lilac hybrid. Also the bottle is a staple for any minimalist lover.

VVB x Nails Inc Bamboo White Judo Red

Nails Inc Judo Red – summer is the time when I leave classic red in favour of the tomato shades. This one is just that and I’m completely wrong with this but the name just somehow reminds me of Sister Jude’s lingerie in AHS: Asylum (such a ridiculous idea but still lavish me red I love the name). Excuse that but I’m like a reference geek.


Essie Chubby Cheeks – I actually purchased this one online and thought it was going to be much more muted so I’m yet to wear it on my nails but I’m just imagining wearing it on the beach, tanned skin, radiant glow… For now, I love it on my toes to break the monochrome of my outfits. It’s gorgeous coral red that’s just slightly muted.


Chanel Azuré – my favourite for last but also, because sadly it was limited edition. When me and my BFF saw it, we just instantly fell in love. Azuré is blue/green metallic duochrome. I don’t reach for these colours very often but this one is a beauty and I love to wear it with sandals and the whole flowy summer wardrobe situation. In line for the next pedicure!

What are your picks for the summer manicure and pedicure? Maybe I should try a yellow or peach nail polish now, send recommendations my way!

Sorry for not posting this Tuesday but I had a rough week and didn’t want to put out a post. It was kind of snuggle under a blanket, eat chocolate, watch cartoons kind of day.

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