June Favourites: Beauty and Random

Chanel Cheeky, Nails Inc Bamboo White, Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush, Maybelline On and On Bronze, Rimmel Kate 104

June wasn’t too bad considering I finally got my much needed holiday and could catch up on everything which in the end just ended up being a couple of TV shows. In the beauty department, it was mostly make-up free days but whenever I had to go out, I would slap on a few of these.

Chanel Le Blush Crème Cheeky – I think the fact that I’ve hit pan on this says something. It also makes me sad because I don’t believe it’s available anymore. I’ve mentioned a couple of times that Chanel Accent is my favourite blush. Well, Cheeky is the cream equivalent and with the continuous dryness of my skin, this even took over. It’s just the most beautiful rosy bronze and Chanel makes the best cream blush, hands down. Review here.

Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush

Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush – let me take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this brush and the whole Charlotte Tilbury line. In my perfect world every make-up product would have Art Deco inspired packaging. And rose gold. But other than that – I’ve finally found my perfect powder brush. When my skin was very oily, I used to love the likes of Sephora Mineral Powder brush but now, I like to just powder my forehead and under the eyes and this fits the bill. More about this one coming soon.

Nails Inc Bamboo White

Nails Inc. x VVB Bamboo White – I’ve been pondering a white nail varnish but I feel like Chanel Eastern Light was the only one that didn’t look cheap. Bamboo White is an off white pink shade that has some nude and lilac undertones to it as well. Unlike it’s Judo Red sister, it’s not a one coater but two should do the trick. Plus I still can’t get over this bottle.


Rimmel Kate 104 – the reason why I like this one is it’s just so darn easy to slap on. The formula is very lightweight and has a fair amount of pigment. It doesn’t last for hours but I find that against my skin, the mauve shade is just so flattering.

Maybelline Color Tattoo On and On Bronze – it’s that old favourite of every beauty blogger and their best friend. The name is a bit misleading. It’s neither bronze nor lasting 24 hours but it’s possibly the quickest eyeshadow look you’ll find. I love it as a metallic taupe/gold wash of colour.


Tamira Jarrel – I stumbled upon Tamira’s YouTube channel early this month and I can’t get enough of her videos and her blog. The photography is divine and her style is flawless. Let me just continue to scroll through the rest of her archives and buy absolutely everything she talks about. Check her out.

For good measure, let me throw in a few legal drama bits. I finally caught up on The Good Wife and one question: how is Louis Canning still alive? But also, all I want for Season 7 is Kurt and a Supreme Court seat for Diane. And because someone said it, Michelle Fairley needs to be her law school friend. Well there’s a gif highlight.

Oh Harvey. Yup, I’m still stuck on Suits Season 3 but I need Ava Hessington in my life. The woman is flawless. You know, it had to be done because I get some sort of inexplicable pleasure from updating you on my latest legal watches. Sue me. However, July shall be exciting as it’s my birthday month and also I made a pretty naughty celebratory midnight Space NK order last night! But what have your favourites been this month?

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