Top Three Lipstick Formulas

Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria, Nars Barbara, Mac Hearts Aflame

I am definitely not one to go for a sheer lip. Nor a glossy one. Those glossy stains I own are certainly not getting much wear. At least, this season. I seem to lean towards more opaque and matte finishes so I thought I’d share my favourite ones with you. Note, I am still yet to purchase my first Tom Ford and YSL lipsticks but till then….

Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria, Nars Barbara, Mac Hearts Aflame

First up an oldie but a goodie. Mac Matte formula. These are not exactly moisturising but my lips get quite dry and if I moisturise them properly the night before, I am perfectly all right wearing it all day. It’s all about the longevity. I don’t like touching up my makeup at all and this allows me to get away without reapplying lipstick. The one pictured is Hearts Aflame, a vampy brown-toned red that was sadly limited edition but ideally I’d feature Honeylove here and then you’d be looking at three basically identical lipsticks. By the way, Honeylove is a perfect nude for fair skin. No pinky or peachy hues.

Mac Hearts Aflame
Hearts Aflame
Second place goes to the Nars Audacious line. While these are not matte, they are extremely creamy and pigmented. As in one swipe gives it full pigment – I’m still amazed how opaque it goes on instantly. Brilliant lipstick to work with. I also am a big fan of the finish as it’s a sort of satin that just looks very natural on the mouth. Because of that satin finish, they of course don’t last as long but as they are kinder to your lips, you can easily reapply. I keep telling myself that I need to try other shades but I can’t seem to make up my mind. Any recommendations except for the talked to death tan rose named Barbara (an ode here). Me and Barbara are inseparable, I should just call her Babs now. So Everybody’s All American.

Nars Barbara
Hey Babs
Last but not least. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks. Even though they’re matte, they make your lips look fuller and the idea of non-flat colour gets my interest. The finish is similar to that of the Nars Audacious but not as creamy. It’s a more lightweight formula that glides onto your lips. Almost like you can’t see it on the lip, except for the stunning colour it gives off and it’s in fact kiss proof – no transfer. Eat, drink, talk all day without the feeling of wearing anything whatsoever. The squared of shape makes it that much easier to apply precisely, too. I wanted Walk of Shame but upon deciding that it could pull berry on me, I went with Very Victoria, a suede taupe nude. One thing I will say about this one though is that it looks darker in the bullet that on and it adapts to your natural lip colour. If you were wondering, on me, this is slightly more pink than Barbara and you honestly can’t tell I have anything on bar my lip shade looks very refined.

Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria
Very Victoria

L-R: Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria, Nars Barbara, Mac Hearts Aflame
L-R: Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria, Nars Barbara, Mac Hearts Aflame
So glorifying Very Victoria apparently. But I cannot really pick between these formulas. They’re both equally fabulous in my book. It’s actually kind of funny how in both swatch and bullet Victoria is more browny than Barbara but on the lips it’s just the opposite. Very Victoria is like I have naturally the prettiest lip shade ever, Barbara is a subtle nod to the 1990s and Hearts Aflame is that vampy option (although I love it blotted as well). I was going to say, in my opinion but Patrice Lessner. TGW problems.

Next Wednesday at 4pm, I’ll actually be on my flight to London so I’m assuming there will be a post coming up after I land.

7 thoughts on “Top Three Lipstick Formulas”

  1. I absolutely love Charlotte Tilbury!
    And you are right lipsticks and makeup in general can look so different applied properly than on packaging or swatched

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