Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Formulas

Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria, Charlotte Tilbury Hepburn Honey

Since starting this blog, I’ve been on a massive lip product kick. The thing is I need new shadows but there is nothing that tickles my fancy. Additionally, having moved to London, I can finally get my dose of Charlotte Tilbury makeup without having to rely on the wretched delivery company. And let’s not be overly dramatic but I basically want to be Charlotte Tilbury when I grow up. So as soon as I arrived and left my luggage at the apartment, I ran to Fenwick to get myself another Art Deco bullet. (Oh, that so brought on a FMJ/TGW reference.)

Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria, Charlotte Tilbury Hepburn Honey

I own the shades Very Victoria and Hepburn Honey. Both in different formulas and both not quite what I expected them to be. Whilst looking for the swatches of these two online, I couldn’t really find anything. I feared they might be similar but that’s certainly not the case and I’m über happy about that. Just because that justifies another purchase even if now I’m dying to get Bond Girl.

Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria, Charlotte Tilbury Hepburn Honey

Let’s go back to the formulas now. Very Victoria is the Matte Revolution shade which I think takes the prize for the easy to wear everyday sophisticated matte lip colour. Hepburn Honey is part of the KISSING Fallen From The Lipstick Tree range. Sorry, CT, but I’ll just ignore that name. Anyway, Hepburn Honey is non-matte and much warmer than Very Victoria. The best word that can describe this shade is truly caramel, although ‘honey’ sounds better. While both these formulas are pigmented, Hepburn Honey is significantly more creamy and you get instant pigment. That’s both good and bad depending on your preference but for me someone who prefers matte lipsticks, I was quite surprised to fall in love with it.

Being used to Mac Matte formulas which are very saturated with colour, the formula of Very Victoria is quite shocking to me. And as it is so close to my natural lip colour but just slightly darker muted pink, I sometimes feel like you honestly can’t tell I have it on. However, I think it’s the quality of these lipsticks that they tend to adapt to your natural lip colour and I’d assume they could easily look suede taupe as described by CT on someone else. On me, it looks a bit worn in, a bit stain-ish and has the most natural looking matte finish. Honey is a different in sense that it packs on that warm hue that is definitely a new tone in my lipstick stash along with a subtle flattering sheen. I’m enjoying it.

There are both comfortable to wear in their own way. VV thanks to its lightweight formula, HH due to its creamy but non-sticky finish. The matte offering would of course last longer on your lips and you can have your share of snack and drink without having to reapply and as I mentioned before it’s kissproof as well. That’s where Honey differs. You will have to reapply a lot more frequently but whilst, they’re both non-drying, the non-matte formula is slightly more hydrating. Other than that, both have been constantly in my bag hence why the bullet might be a bit scratched and I haven’t been wearing much of anything else as you can tell in my previous entries. It’s either the matte mlbb or the caramel hue.

Charlotte Tilbury Hepburn Honey
Wearing Hepburn Honey
Wearing Very Victoria
Wearing Very Victoria
Top - Charlotte Tilbury Hepburn Honey, Bottom - Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria
Top – Charlotte Tilbury Hepburn Honey, Bottom – Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria

Have you tried Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks or anything for the line for that matter? I think my curiousity has been semi-satisfied and the only purchases I might be making in the future would be of Bond Girl, Walk of Shame and I’m still contemplating the Filmstar Bronze & Glow. I hope you found the post helpful in some way and till next time!

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