Testing The Very Hyped Up Benefit They’re Real

Benefit They're Real Beyond Brown

I had a very unpleasant experience last year at Benefit Kadewe counter. I literally remember walking back to my hotel and looking in the Kempinsky windows, thinking my eyebrows look horrendous with Gimme Brow on them. It was so so dark and it was actually the lighter shade. I ran into my room and instantly wiped it off. She also applied They’re Real mascara an it went a bit crispy so I never tried it again. But she did apply it over a coat of Chanel Le Volume so no surprise and when Benefit launched this mascara in Beyond Brown, I knew it was time for me to give a go again.

Benefit They're Real Beyond Brown

First off, I do love the shade. It’s warmer compared to my previous Dior Iconic Overcurl in Over Brun. I feel like because of that it adds a little bit more interest to your lashes but isn’t as into your face as Chanel Le Volume in Prune if you would be intimated by a thought of plum coloured mascara. I’ve personally said goodbye to black a long time ago but out of all browns I’ve tried, shade wise this holds the trophy.

I do also love the packaging if I pretend not to see that orange pop of colour, however, it does kind of remind me of YSL Faux Cils Effet in terms of duo tone of this sort of rosy gunmetal tube. The most ridiculous details. Onto the brush, it is quite similar to that of Chanel Le Volume which has long been my favourite as it is quite short meaning it fits my round eyes perfectly. The addition to the Benefit is the ball bristles in the end which in theory helps to mascara all the inner corner lashes. Personally, I find it useless if not annoying because so much product gets stuck on there you end with a blob of mascara if you’re clumsy in application like me. Mascara is just not my forte.

Benefit They're Real Beyond Brown
Pencil on the tightline; right eye – no mascara, left eye – one coat of Benefit Beyond Brown
More me but it gives quite a lift, non?
More me but it gives quite a lift, non?

False lashes effect claims are ridiculous most of the time but I will give it to this mascara that it adds beautiful volume, length and definition without you having to spend five minutes doing your lashes. I always stick to one coat though and I don’t wish to build this one up as the formula is not very lightweight so you can definitely feel it on your lashes. However, I will say that it is pretty darn long lasting and it holds a curl beautifully. I struggle with eyelash curlers so I usually just stick to mascara though and the lashes are still lifted nicely.

All in all, I’ll let you judge the results and decide if you like them. Bear in mind, I don’t have the greatest of lashes but I reckon, if you had long lashes already, this could be insane. While I’m not completely blown away by the results (it’s just me, I have a love hate relationship with mascaras), I can appreciate the effect it gives and holds onto for the rest of the day.


After about two months of use, this significantly dried out to the point I could just feel the wand scratching my skin while barely depositing any product. I would most certainly not repurchase nor recommend this.

14 thoughts on “Testing The Very Hyped Up Benefit They’re Real”

  1. I’m the exact same as you, I HATED the Gimme Brow as the application was too clumsy so it made my eyebrows look ridiculous! I do however like this product. Great post! Xx

      1. The Dior one has a nice formula in terms of you not being able to feel it on your lashes but in comparison, Benefit gives more volume. I like them both for different reasons. I’m not blown away by either. Still looking for my perfect mascara.

      2. Yeah I got a sample of the dior in black and didn’t like it. But I love the dior black out mascara. What do you want in a mascara? What type of lashes do you have? I may have suggestions!

      3. I want it all. Some lift, some volume and some length. My lashes are pretty mediocre. Oh and I need something with a short wand so it would fit my eye shape better.

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