A Nail Polish That Converted Me To Blue

Barry M Eat My DustPrepare to be shocked as the first high-end product I ever went into buy was Chanel Coco Blue nail polish. It was this perfect light blue shade and as I was going through my Wallis blue, I fancy a bit of blue phase, it seemed appropriate. Clearly that has changed, although my appreciation for the certain Mainbocher wedding dress is ongoing but I digress… Anna has been raving about this Barry M shade all summer and I was tempted to try it.DSC01264

It’s nothing like Coco Blue of course but come to think of it, maybe it is actually Wallis blue. Well, the non-surprising thing about this polish is that as you apply it, it ends up looking darker than in the bottle. I have the same problem with Essie Sole Mate and probably most of my nail polishes. When you do the first coat, it is the desired intrnsity but you can’t leave it at one coat and as you build up, it gets brighter. To be frank, at that point, it quite obvious is not Wallis blue anymore and becomes more of standard pastel blue. Yes, I had to make a point of that.

Then, it does have one of those wide brushes that makes me feel like I’m going to end up with a blob of nail polish all over my painting area but I suppose that’s personal preference. Once I got over that the application was a breeze and two coats resulted in a perfectly polished nail. Fully opaque, self-leveled and no streaks. Coming from a clumsy nail polish applier and considering it’s such a pale shade, I’m impressed As it promises on the bottle, it’s quick drying and that means I can say bye to all those ugly smudges. Yay!

Excuse my battered hands and clumsy application

While this might not be the most autumnal of colours, I quite like it against my skin and because it is so toned down, I’m comfortable wearing it. It also lasts a decent amount of time and is not one of these formulas that would chip within the first day of application. For the price, it’s a bargain and I’m sensing a Barry M exploitation. Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit looks incredible.

Nice change from Chanel Rouge Noir, Chanel Exception and Givenchy Rouge Acajou. Have you tried Eat My Dust? What’s your favourite Barry M shade? Any recommendations?

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