September Favourites: Beauty and Lifestyle

Chanel Raffinement, Hourglass Mood Exposure, Mac Costa Riche

I feel like everybody has already done their favourites for the month last week which feels a bit weird but as September is officialy over now, let me throw in my two cents on the subject. Again, aside from the bunch of stuff I picked up in the likes of Space NK, Harvey Nichols and a few other places, there weren’t that many products that I haven’t talked about before that stood out to me so I’m adding in a few lifestyle bits as well.

Chanel Raffinement, Hourglass Mood Exposure, Mac Costa Riche

Mac Eye Kohl in Costa Riche – I always thought I wanted Teddy but I now know it was actually Costa Riche. The thing was I thought this was limited edition. Since getting it, I’m back to actually lining my top lashline with a kohl to add definition and the red tone just adds sparkle to my eyes.

Chanel Quad Raffinement – if you don’t already have it, try Tissé Rivoli but this quad is stunning. It’s neutral with a hint of purple added to all of the shades. You might not be able to tell in the pan but the lightest shade on has the most stunning lilac hint. The shimmers are very soft and perfect for office and lately, I’ve loved layering it over Mac Paint Pot in Groundwork.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Mood Exposure – while I still prefer the finish of Chanel Accent blush, Mood Exposure comes in second. The thing about these neutral blushes is that they add some colour along with a warmth if you’re not exactly keen on bronzing up in autumn.

COLAB Paris Dry Shampoo – I’m giving this one a mention mostly because jasmine and rose are my favourite perfume notes and this smells of both. As I said, it’s a more luxe version of Batiste Blush and it’s one that can get you through the day if you forgot to apply perfume which always ruins my day. I will however say that I might actually be going back to the Batiste formula…

Proper Corn, Colab Paris

Dancing In The Dark – my manager played this playlist at work and ever since I checked it out at home, it’s been on the whole time unless I’m watching an episode of House of Cards but whenever Mi Mujer comes on, I freak out a bit. Totally taken over Beck and Peasant for me.

House of Cards – speaking of House of Cards, I’ve seen a pilot last year but stopped watching in favour of The Good Wife. I mean I finished a season of that show in one day going from one Gary Cole episode to another but House of Cards is a brilliant watch. I don’t think it’s as brilliant as TGW (bring on Season 7 this Sunday) but it’s a proper political drama and I love the relationship between Francis and Claire even if I was skeptical about Robin Wright at first.

Proper Corn Sweet Coconut & Vanilla – I’m actually considering doing a bit of a foodie post featuring my favourite healthy ways to satisfy a sweet tooth so let me know if you’d be interested but this popcorn is sweet with just a hint of saltiness. Sadly, it does contain dairy so I wouldn’t be having it everyday but it’s delicious and I’m dying to try the new Smooth Peanut & Almond flavour.

Have you tried any of these things? What have been your favourite past month? Damn, am I happy it’s finally autumn even if I have the sickest pleasure of wearing my shades every time a little sun appears. That’s it for me today and I’ll see you in my next post on Wednesday.

9 thoughts on “September Favourites: Beauty and Lifestyle”

  1. I love these favourites, especially the Chanel Quad eyeshadows. I love that Chanel have little nuances of colour that sometimes never gets picked up on camera but looks stunning on the eye. Great post

  2. The eyeshadow and blush tones are so lovely for Fall! Will have to dry the COLAB Paris dry shampoo, it’s so hard to find a good scent to stick with! Can’t wait to read the rest of your posts (:

    1. Thank you for reading, darling! I love the scent and I’m so surprised how long one bottle lasts me! I think it’s because the mist or whatever you’d call it is so much finer compared to Batiste. X

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