An Ode To Lip and Eye Pencils

Mac Costa Riche, Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude, Chanel Ardent I have always been a big fan of eye pencils. So much so that there is a whole post dedicated to my top four. But I don’t like black against my complexion, talking mascara and liners of course but black is all my wardrobe consists of. Naturally, the soft brown definition has been my way of choice. Also recently, the lip pencils have become the next big thing and while admittedly, I tend to forget to apply them, the new one I got keeps me interested.Chanel Ardent, Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude

Mac Costa Riche, Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude, Chanel Ardent

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Iconic Nude – I literally have no words to describe how very fitting the name of this shade is for what it is. It’s along the same lines as Mac Stripdown but probably three times more creamy and easier to apply. At the same time, it’ll go with any of my nude lipsticks along the lines of Nars Barbara or Charlotte Tilbury Hepburn Honey because it doesn’t have that mauve tone of Mac Whirl and it just the ideal straight up browny nude lip pencil. Not to mention it brings out the lilac brown tone in my beloved Dior Bar.

Mac Eye Kohl in Costa Riche – for the longest time, I’ve been planning to get Mac Teddy to replace Essence Teddy but as I swatched it side by side with Costa Riche, I figured this was the eye pencil I was looking for. Unlike both Teddy’s, this lacks the metallic dark bronze finish and instead you get a very deep reddish brown shade, no shimmer particles included. Now, I guess red-toned might put some people off but it’s honestly not into your face and certainly makes the eye look more interesting than a standard espresso kohl. I’m not wearing this one in the photo but you can see it on here.

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Ardent – I’m thinking Chanel got a hint and brought a shade similar to Ambre Doré. Better yet, a shade better than Ambre Doré. That one was a light bronze, Ardent introduces that copper tone that I’ve long been lusting for in an eyeliner. Additionally, because of that tone, you could actually wear it on your top lash line as I do in the photo. But now, that I have a brand new pencil, I’m slapping it on my waterline. I should pick up a backup, shouldn’t I?

L-R: Mac Costa Riche, Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude, Chanel Ardent
L-R: Mac Costa Riche, Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude, Chanel Ardent

Just a quick note before I finish. These three I love not only for the colours but also the formulas. Costa Riche and Ardent definitely stay in your waterline and Iconic Nude undoubtedly prolongs the wear of your lipstick if you decide to apply one on. Have you tried any of these? What are you favourites? Bit of a weird mash-up post this one but I’ll see you next week with another autumn look and there is a vampy lip involved.

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