October Favourites: Beauty and Lifestyle

Givenchy Rouge Acajou, Urban Decay 1993, Aesop, Mac Red Chestnut, Origins Night-a-minsThe thought of this month is very abstract but I think I haven’t been much into makeup and instead focused a bit more on skincare. No wonder since I had a few issues to deal with. Anyway, I’ve pretty much wore my signature makeup and nothing else but there are still a few new and old products that stood out to me.

Givenchy Rouge Acajou, Urban Decay 1993, Aesop, Mac Red Chestnut, Origins Night-a-minsAesop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream – the key word here is cream. It sort of feels like you’re applying body lotion on your lips but that just means it sinks in immediately unlike my Korres Lip Butter which I have to leave on for hours for it to moisturise. With the Aesop you end up with the softest lips ready for lips application instantly.

Origins High Potency Night-a-mins – this on the other hand has more of a balmy texture which I am very much enjoying. It does indeed deeply nourish the skin but it is not so heavy that it’ll get all over your pillow. I’ve been looking for a night cream for so long but I finally found the one. Also I would lie if I said the refreshing scent didn’t make me want to religiously apply my cream every night.

Mac Pro Longwear Brow Set in Red Chestnut – so I’ve got an entire post on this one but I don’t mention it very often granted I use it every single time I apply makeup. I don’t think I’ve realised just how much I actually use till it run out and while at the moment, I’m using Hourglass Arch Brow in Auburn, this one is just way superior. People often say they don’t understand how you can buy non-drugstore brow gels but you’d understand if you were a redhead.

Urban Decay 1993 – this lipstick swatches very dark, though I wouldn’t know much about it as when I was buying it, it was basically ‘do you have 1993?’ ‘last one’ ‘I’ll take it’ but I do think that even though it is a fairly grungy dark brown, it is not over the top and I find it quite wearable. Or I just like to pretend that because this is a matte formula that will feel comfortable on your lips for 12+ hours.

Givenchy Rouge Acajou – reds used to be all I would wear on my nails but it’s been a while since a colour stuck around as long as Rouge Acajou. It’s undoubtedly a red shade but it is nowhere near as bright as Dior Rouge and therefore I just find it non-offensive but at the same time chic and exceptional.

Chanel Mademoiselle Privรฉ – if you’re reading this today and are in London, go over to Saatchi Gallery and check out the exhibition as it’s closing this month. This one is a lot more substantial than the Little Black Jacket Revisited Karl collaborated on with Carine Roitfeld, as you get not only photographs but a look into Gabrielle’s life.

The Good Wife – for I feel I shouldn’t mention this again but as the education of Alicia Florrick is coming to an end,ย  I actually quite like her as long as she and Diane are not working at the same firm and Diane is actually arguing a case in court because as someone mentioned on IMDB, Christine Baranski’s presence in the room is intriguing enough. I recommend this show to everyone. It’s a very underrated show that you won’t like if you want just pure entertainment. In my opinion.

Deborah Lippmann CC Base CoatUnfavourite – Deborah Lippmann CC Base Coat – I’ve never done unfavourite on this blog simply because I tend to research products before I buy but thinking Deborah Lippmann was an established brand, I bought this base coat instead of repurchasing my Chanel one and was it a mistake. First of all, it has a matte finish which I didn’t really hate until I applied my polish and it dulled down the glossiness. Not amused but as a base coat, it is just terrible. It makes my polish chip instantly.

I feel a bit off writing this as my anxiety is taking over but I hope you still enjoyed it. C’est fin! What have you been loving this month?

5 thoughts on “October Favourites: Beauty and Lifestyle”

  1. I’m kind of obsess with Origins so I am definitely going to be trying that cream ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve always looked for a good night cream but for whatever reason I never end up buying one and stick to my daily moisturizer for both morning and night.

    Also, for your anxiety, sending positivity your way! Great post ๐Ÿ™‚

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