The Perfect Muted Red Nail

Givenchy Rouge AcajouIn my Quick Autumn Look, I quickly referenced my obsession over the Givenchy Vinyl Collection but mostly the Rouge Acajou shade. They launched a matching lip and nail duo and while I love Rouge Acajou on my lips and was told it suited me perfectly, I’m not entirely sure it’s the Diane Lockhart lip colour I’m looking for which is even tougher considering a certain actress that plays her is nowhere near as white as myself.

Givenchy Rouge AcajouI seem to fall in love with products that are limited edition. Now, that is probably not that big of a deal for most people but I do actually use up my nail polishes to their last drop and having already ran out of my Chanel Rouge Noir, I know Exception is going to be done soon and same goes for Rouge Acajou. They are just the colours that I’m obsessed with.

But it’s not just about the colours. Chanel Exception is a beautiful red chocolate shade but also, it’s a one coater. I mean, I can deal with two coat polishes but secretly all I want to apply is one. Here’s where the Givenchy formula took my heart. It’s just as creamy, opaque and glossy as the Chanel one. And on top of that, imagine my shock when I spotted this shade at the counter and thought, can it be that perfect muted red nail I was looking for? Well, it is.

While I do love Essie Aperitif (an ideal classic red), I am yet to repurchase and the reds I have at the moment are all quite bright and I don’t like how they look against my skin. Certainly not a case with this one. Muted is the keyword here and Rouge Acajou has that slight warm light mahogany undertone to it which I think goes harmoniously with my skintone but is far from your standard autumnal burgundy shade. I’m officially back to wearing red nail polish, who knows red lipstick might be next as I’m actually enjoying pairing this nail with my Mac Chili lipstick.

Have you tried Rouge Acajou? What is your all-time favourite red shade for autumn?

5 thoughts on “The Perfect Muted Red Nail”

      1. I think the nice thing about red is there is a shade off everyone and it never goes out of fashion !

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