Beauty Products I Don’t Have Doubles Of

Nars Pro Prime, Chanel Inimitable, Mac Red Chestnut, Charlotte Tilbury Powder, Chanel Base CoatWhile I do have a number of lipsticks, still keeping it quite compact, I make it a rule to not have any doubles in certain basic categories when routine is possibly the best way to go and I don’t need variety. Now this is not necessarily a list of my must-haves in all categories as you will find out, however I would still highly recommend all five.

Setting Powder – Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Powder in Fair

On second thought, despite the stunning Art Deco compact, I will not repurchase because it just doesn’t have very much product in there and I can never carry it around because the rose gold scratches terribly and you don’t get a pouch. I think CT hates them. But the powder itself is just what the setting powder should be.

Mascara – Chanel Inimitable Intense in Rouge Noir

Having multiple tubes of mascara is not only unnecessary but also non-hygienic. After experimenting, with a few terrible high-end offerings (namely Benefit They’re Real which dried out in less than two months), I’ve returned to the Chanel counter but I couldn’t wait for the Rouge Noir Absolument launch so I went with Inimitable and like Le Volume, I love the brush, the formula and the blackened red shade.

Brow Gel – Mac Pro Longwear Brow Set in Red Chestnut

While blonde and brunettes might be able to get away with multiple brow shades, it’s pretty hard if you’re a redhead. You don’t want to go as red as Anastasia Auburn and Mac Red Chestnut hits the sweet spot with a non-offensive amount of auburn. Of course, I’ve had to repurchase, this product is top-notch.

Eyeshadow Primer – Nars Pro Prime Smudgeproof Base

Eyeshadow primer is probably at the top of my list in terms of not understanding why a single person might need more than one. The Nars one is simply the best one of there and there is no debate on the subject. I’ll spare myself bashing of other brands’ offering.

Base Coat – Chanel Nail Polish Base Coat

It’s infused with argan oil, nourishes the nails, gets rid of stains and makes your nail polish stay on longer. I even did that little trick,Β  before I ditched it I wore Deborah Lippmann on one hand and Chanel on the other, guess which one didn’t chip for a week and which one came off the same day.

If you fancied seeing what the brushes looked like
If you fancied seeing what the brushes looked like

Well, that felt quick… Are there any products you use exclusively and don’t have a whole drawer of?

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