The Ultimate Vampy Lip

DSC02392Part of the reason why I’ve always wanted to try Nars products was the names referencing all sorts of films, characters and events of the early 20th century and you might know referencing is my jam. Train Bleu is obviously named after a Ballets Russes ballet (or the French train) which Gabrielle Chanel designed costumes for. So smart for I did a whole presentation on Ballets Russes back in the day. Damn, I could really use that Diaghilev book I have back at home to shoot on. However, I obviously love a bold lip, matte even better, in a pencil – brilliant.

Nars Train BleuSo despite the fact, I put myself on a shopping ban, I had half an hour to spare and obviously ended up in Space NK and as I quickly remembered my favourite blogger mention it, I ended up purchasing the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu. It’s essentially a deep aubergine. Nars must be the only brand that actually properly describes the shades on their products. It’s purple and vampy but perhaps muted just a smidgen so there is no way it will look black.

The application is a breeze and that means a lot considering I could spend hours perfecting my application of Mac Hearts Aflame. It does obviously go on matte but for a while it can transfer but after a few minutes, it’s kissproof and I can most certainly appreciate that. You do need to make sure your lips are smooth as it does accentuate dryness but nonetheless, the formula is lightweight so it doesn’t feel heavy but also goes on really smoothly with no dragging.

I’m not gonna say it won’t budge when you have a full-on lunch but I don’t think I’d ever wear it to lunch anyway. While I would still wear during daytime, out of all the bold lips I’ve tried, this definitely makes the biggest statement and even it wears off after hours, I might like the stain it leaves behind even more than the full-on colour itself and you could certainly just apply it as one it the first place.

Nars Train BleuHave you tried Train Bleu? Or any other Nars Lip Pencils? If you have any shade recommendations, send them my way!

P.S. So sorry for behind so behind in blogging but I’ll try to get better!

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