New In: Nails Inc Porchester Square

Nails Inc Porchester Square

This one is another Vivianna Does Makeup enabled purchases and funny enough, it’s another nail polish shade. I believe this to basically be the signature Anna colour and yet every time, I went into Boots to pick it up, it was out of stock but I finally have.

Nails Inc Porchester SquareAnyway, I’ve really been having a red moment when it comes to my nails and I definitely fancied a change towards something more neutral but more autumnal than Nails Inc Bamboo White. Nails Inc Porchester Square is a grey/lilac/beige hybrid. The bottle itself looks quite lilac but when I first applied I feared it might be a bit too stark of a grey for my liking. However, as I wore it I noticed that it wasn’t too dark at all and in fact, went very well with my skin. The lilac and beige tones just sort of mix together very well so it just looks very flattering and it makes my hands look so polished.

Note on the formula. It is actually quiet opaque in one coat and if you had perfectly smooth nails you could just stop there but I like to add second coat just so I near that gel effect. It is also one of these formulas that are very easy to work with and they just give you that self-leveling even if you happen to brush over the nail a few times. Wear time is also impressive and I reckon I won’t be wearing anything else anytime soon. Sorry Butter London It’s Vintage.

Nails Inc Porchester SquareOverall, I am utterly obsessed with this shade. It is also sort of reminiscent of L’Oreal Beige Countess which I completely used up and never repurchased because those L’oreal bottles are ridiculously small. Beige Countess, though, was a bit of the mauve side of things and I think that’s why I prefer the shade of Porchester Square. It is still a neutral with just a hint of lilac. Have you tried it?

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