Top Three Makeup Brands

Chanel Accent, Nars Douceur, Mac HoneyloveOnce upon a time, the only high-end brand I was interested in was the infamous CC. That still holds a special place in my heart but blogging has definitely opened my… hm, wallet to other brands as well. I have tried bits from many but today, I thought I’ll bring to you a round-up of those how I think are the best as a whole.

Chanel Accent, Nars Douceur, Mac Honeylove

I will always mention Chanel Makeup as their Poudre Universaille Compacte was the actual first high-end makeup product I ever bought and while I’m currently using the Charlotte Tilbury one and don’t have it at the moment, I do intend to repurchase as it’s my ideal powder and unlike some others actually lasts you a year with daily use. Aside from that, my skin agrees with Chanel foundations which is very rare, their blushes stay on all day, their nail polish formula is opaque in one coat, their lipsticks are comfortable to wear and their selection is fab.

Chanel Accent, Nars Douceur, Mac Honeylove

Mac is my second favourite and also the second brand I ventured into after Chanel. Admittedly, I haven’t tried their base products but that’s not what I appreciate Mac for. The best thing about Mac is that the quality is excellent with mid-range prices. The eyeshadows are pigmented and have no fallout, the kohls are creamy and long-lasting as are the lipstick (see Top Three Lipstick Formulas). 217 (endlessly covered in the likes of MUG Frappe and such) is of course a must purchase and their Brow Set in Red Chestnut was just life-changing for my makeup routine.

Chanel Accent, Nars Douceur, Mac Honeylove

Nars is one of those brands I’ve wanted to try for a very longtime because frankly, there are plenty 1930s, Dietrich, Garbo etc. references in the names and I’m into that. Unlike with Chanel, I haven’t tried the majority of products but the ones I have are certainly crème de la crème of my semi-minimalist makeup stash. The eyeshadow base is full-proof, the Audacious formula is spot-on (Barbara review here) and their eyeshadows are as dreamy to work with as the MAC ones.

I was quite tempted to include CT in this post mainly due to my big love for Powder & Sculpt Brush as well as the lipsticks but I figured there is not that much from the line I’ve tried (I’m looking at you Filmstar Bronze & Glow and Birkin Brown). Another honourable mention would be Hourglass but then again I’ve only tried their Ambient Lighting range and the Arch Brow Sculpting pencil.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourite makeup brands?

Update: I will be taking few days off from the blog but I’ll be back next week. Literally can’t wait for 2016 and hoping to (finally) do some revamping in January.

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