Gray Marble and Minimalism Edit

Urban Outfitter Daily JournalI will spare you the cliché New Year’s resolutions post and simply state that November and December have been the months of organisation and capsule wardrobe obsession in my book. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that we’re in 2016 now but more so with me being smitten by the idea of minimalism. My vision for this blog though is to feature more lifestyle and style content. I reckon it’s natural to feel bit uninspired with blog post ideas every now and then but since, realising that I came up with plenty of topics that I’d love to share my thoughts about.

Told you I was obsessed with that capsule wardrobe

A concept of minimalist has never been entirely alien to me as for many years now my goal was to complete my perfect closet. That of course touches on fashion but I still ended up with a tonne of items, be it makeup or random bits, that were unnecessary. In a nutshell, the idea of minimalism is to only have things that are essential. And here’s when it starts making sense to me because all that non-essentials or non-coveted items always made me feel anxious.

DSC02624I don’t think I’ve really spoken about this on the blog but in December, I’ve taken on the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge which I discovered on Anuschka’s blog Into Mind. Things were a lot easier since I’ve already done my digital declutter while watching Rachel Aust’s Minimalism Series. I remember feeling extremely motivated, just put on chillout music and spent the evening decluttering. I got rid off all the unused apps, unsubscribed from mailing lists, backed up my files, removed all icons from my desktop and finished it off with a marble print picture on my MacBook and iPhone. I find the light gray makes me extremely happy. Go figure. I’m a monochrome person through and through. That being said, staying offline all day was quite a challenge. If you’re new to the idea of minimalism, give it a go, it makes you realise a few things. I, for one, noticed I have big issues getting up in the morning even though I hate sleeping in. In the end, it made me feel a lot better even if I had a few anxiety moments throughout the month.

A peek into what the planner looks insideNow, my makeup stash is definitely not an epitome of minimalism but I think the idea is that if you have an interest in something, be it photography or literature, you may allow yourself to break from the no clutter approach. In fact, I think that’s what makes it more interesting.

Moving on, I wanted to revamp Beauty Aperitif for a while. I realised that while I still love makeup, I felt pressured into buying heaps of products just so I could feature them on the blog. For one, I have been trying to complete my capsule wardrobe for months now so I think it’d be fun to share. On other note, I am still considering rebranding but I haven’t had much time and I don’t want to rush it so bear with me.


Into Mind 30 Day Minimalism Challenge / Capsule Wardrobe – go-to source in terms of minimalist lifestyle

Rachel Aust Minimalist Series

Vivianna Does Makeup 37 Piece Wardrobe – I can’t quite relate to since I do have to and want to dress ‘fancy’ but I obsess over Anna’s Style Playlist

Mademoiselle5PFW Challenge / 30×30 / Project 333 – Jamie-Lee is another person I’ve rewatched multiple times over the last month. The Five Piece French Wardrobe Challenge is definitely something on my agenda come spring.

Urban Outfitters Daily Planner – I picked up this planner because it’s not dated so you don’t have to use it everyday and I found the content in there very helpful

Not quite sure if this is of any interests to you but my intention is basically to talk about all the other things that I feel passionate about. Don’t be fooled, I still very much lust over a number of makeup products so those posts will be coming your way very soon! On Friday though, I’m mixing things up a bit and I hope you’ll enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Gray Marble and Minimalism Edit”

  1. I actually really love the format of that planner (and I love planners in general); do you have any other recommendations? Because I’ve literally never thought of looking at Urban for one…also I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Awards (I made a post about it), so check it out 🙂

    1. I love the look of the Happiness Planner and Inkwell Press planners as well but I’m yet to try them. This year apart from the UO one I’m just using a Muji journal if I need to put any dates in my calendar.

  2. I stumbled on your post under the minimalism tag. I’ve been following Rachel Aust as well and she’s had such great ideas on how to get into minimalism. I’m also so envious of your planner!

    You mentioned that you’ve been working on completing your capsule wardrobe for a few months now…has it been difficult trying to piece everything together? I’m thinking of starting mine soon but I’d love to know your tips and process.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I’m planning to do a post on that very soon. I recently moved so I didn’t have much to begin with but I definitely lacked a lot of basics and it did take a while so find the pieces I loved but I’m so happy with it right now. I think the key is to keep it well-balanced.

      1. Awesome! I’ll definitely keep a lookout for that. And congrats on the move! That’s always a great milestone to achieve

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