Minimalism Inspiration

Image Credit: I’m Drew Scott / Into Mind / Mademoiselle / Inspiroue / Tamira Jarrel

This is a quick post just to share some love. People can bash blogging all they want but there are some gems out there and I’m bringing you my favourites today. All of them I like for different reason but if you love professional photography, informative content and ultimately, inspiration, those five are worth checking out.

Into Mind

Anuschka is my capsule wardrobe guru. She gets the concept of capsule wardrobe and she explains it in an accessible way. Other than that, the challenges and other ways of simplifying your life she offers are eye-opening.


Cynthia’s style is probably the closest to mine and I always enjoy finding people that have similar taste. I can totally resonate with her thoughts on sustainable fashion and beyond that, she is just absolutely gorgeous.

Tamira Jarrel

Tamira’s blog is the most professionally run beauty and fashion blog out there in terms of both photography and content. I absolutely adore her monochromatic style, effortless approach to beauty and non-fake attitude. I could listen to her all day.


Jamie-Lee is a joy to watch whether it’s her channel or her blog. Her videos are probably one of the most informative and you can tell she’s done her research. Plus she pulls off Lover lace pencil skirts like no other and has definitely made me quite interested in picking up a few basics from Everlane.

Drew Scott

Drew is not a minimalist in all aspects but his aesthetic, photography and fashion appeal to my eye and that is not an easy achievement. His personality is just very real and I adore all of his content. Again very polished and professional.

Who are your favourite bloggers or vloggers?

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