Why I Love Chanel Farouche

Chanel Rouge Allure FaroucheThis title format only once appeared on this blog when I discussed Nars Audacious in Barbara. My all-time favourite lipstick. In terms of packaging, colour, formula and even the name. I just love the name Barbara to bits. Now, you might be able to guess that there is a new addition in my lipstick stash. I haven’t bought a single makeup item, except for my Mac Duo, since November so this feels very special.

Chanel Rouge Allure FaroucheWhen I talked my three favourite formulas here, I mentioned Nars Audacious, Mac Matte and Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution, a formula didn’t make to the three was Chanel Rouge Allure. Maybe because I don’t like even numbers. Or I simply didn’t go crazy over Rouge Allures because I didn’t own a shade that was everyday appropriate. And I was afraid Farouche wouldn’t be either.

But it exceeded my expectations. Twice I tried this lipstick I layered it quite heavily (as above, although camera doesn’t do this colour justice, it looked darker in person) so it ended up being a more red version of Urban Decay 1993 and while that’s a fab statement lip on my skin tone, it’s not really something I’d wear everyday. The formula of this is very lightweight so in no way does it feel heavy on your lips. Additionally, it’s my favourite shade to wear as a stain and if ever there was a more appropriate name (although, I hear there is a Mabel lipstick but I just don’t like the colour) for me, this is it. Farouche is exactly what I would imagine it to be. It’s got a red brown base that’s muted down. It’s dark but not too dark. And as only Chanel can do, has tiny shimmer particles that add the most beautiful finish to it that’s in no way shimmery. It just looks very healthy.


For everyday I layer it over a lip balm as seen here and it remains comfortable throughout the day. If built up, on my skin it gets quite a bit dark but not vampy which certainly is a reason why I’ve fallen for the shade. Plus, I find that Chanel lipsticks, if blotted, truly create a stain that sticks around and doesn’t dry out your lips. I can’t get enough of this shade and I haven’t had it long enough but it’s certainly up there with Nars Barbara. And when I’m digging a bit more colour I’d reach for this over my browny nudes. It’s perhaps still darker and bit less orange than I’d like my perfect muted red to be but it’s pretty dang close!

After this back to the roots, makeup takeover on the blog, on Friday I’ll be sharing with you my capsule wardrobe tips so if that’s of interest, stay tuned!

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