Capsule Wardrobe: Key Pieces and Basics

Capsule Wardrobe 101Let’s talk capsule wardrobes! Yup, I’m excited! There is all the talk about having the right foundation for your wardrobe and I think that’s a particularly great way to do it if you’re looking into starting a capsule. Today, I’m sharing you a concept I found on Into Mind and I think it’s a really clever way of sorting out those essentials in your closet.

Capsule Wardrobe EssentialsAnushka puts wardrobe into two categories. Key pieces, defined as the main ingredients of your wardrobe that represent your style. They will also most likely consist of the main colours in your colour palette. Whether you decide to incorporate colour is your personal preference but I chose to not do so for two reasons. I don’t like coloured clothing. I work in a strict environment. That’s why I like to play with textures and forms. And basics that balance out your look. Having looked through my wardrobe, I’ve identified these pieces and picked one in each department in both categories. Let me quickly walk you through my core pieces so you get a better idea.

Capsule Wardrobe

Moccasins Zara: I don’t always love heels so I basically live for moccasins, they’re smart but bloody comfortable. I secretly wish I picked these up in black but I love the almost aubergine tone to the brown as well.

Blazer dress COS: I once passed the most perfect COS dress. This year’s was a bit longer than I’d like and it had a tie but on the positive note, the v-neck isn’t as deep. Blazer dresses are just the ultimate style perfection, easy to wear but extremely formal.

Sleeveless tie blouse Monki: as the blazer dress it’s another VDM inspired purchase. I will admit the v-neck goes a bit too low (work appropriate wise) but hell I love the style of it so much. In winter, I love layering it either under a cardigan or on top of a long sleeve. Again, you’re gonna notice a bit of a tie theme here.

Oversized coat Zara:  I swear I didn’t do the whole tie thing on purpose and I do actually prefer to wear it untied but in winter time, coats are often all you see so it makes sense to have one that makes a statement. In s/s, I’d probably swap it for a tweed jacket.

Black coated jeans Topshop: I do lack a bit of diversity in the trousers department because I just find shopping for tops way more interesting but if I’m wearing a casual tee or high neck, these ones are lovely to add a bit more texture than your regular jeans while not being as bold as leather trousers. Plus Joni Jeans are the most comfortable thing you’ll ever wear.

Capsule Wardrobe

White tee Weekday: hold the phone, it’s not black. Well, black tee is essential as well but if you tell me white tee, jeans, booties and a statement coat are boring, we can’t be friends. Plus white tees pair so well with vampy lips.

Black turtleneck Mango: I don’t like scarfs, there I said it. That’s why I love turtlenecks. You’re warm without having to wear a scarf. So dang easy to style and does it look sophisticated.

Black trousers Forever New: I’m not a huge fan of jeans and therefore a pair of fitted black trousers becomes essential. These are 7/8 length so they’re not too long and because they’re stretchy I’m fine wearing them all day.

Black blazer Mango: I’ll spare you moaning about the perfect blazer dress, LBD and blazer I haven’t bought and moving on, this is the second best thing. The fabric is good, the cut is longer and overall flattering and I wear suits most days so this fits in perfectly.

Black chelsea boots Vagabond : I used to have a pair of Vagabond boots that were so perfect but as I do, I ruined them completely. And then I finally found something similar. They are the must-have for colder seasons!

This is my take on the wardrobe essentials. Let me know what pieces you consider as yours as I can’t stress enough that your wardrobe essentials are something that you need to figure out and not a pre-made list. But if you invest in these items, you’ll probably end loving your daily outfits that much more. Next week, I’ve got a bit of style edit coming and I hope you’ll find it helpful!

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