Nude Elegant Makeup Look’ve taken a little break from blogging simply because I’m at the point in my life when a certain someone bashing W.E. has brought me to the point of ditching House of Cards’ Leaving You in favour of Dance For Me Wallis. On the bright side, I just semi-booked a quick trip to Berlin in April so that’s something to look forward to! Makeup wise I did unfortunately break my little promise not to shop. ‘Elegant’ is an incredibly vague term to describe a look but that’s what I think it is. I tend to just reach for red browns but I’ve been trying something more neutral on my eyes recently. Not to say I’m ditching my warm browns but there is something elegant about a simple sculpted yet fairly natural makeup look.

Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage, Chanel Accent, Nars Barbara, Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude, Chanel CC CreamI start off with my Chanel CC Cream in B10. Now, I feel like this tube needs its own post so when I have a minute, I’ll look into that but this literally enables me to ditch concealer. Despite the fact, that I had to use Urban Decay Naked Skin in Fair Neutral all over my nasty breakouts. Per usual, I set it all with Charlotte Tilbury Aibrush Powder in Fair, contoured a bit with my Tom Ford Bronzing Powder in Terra and because I couldn’t resist, I swept a bit of Chanel Joues Contraste in Accent on my cheeks (although I think I finally have my eye on a dupe!).

Meet Tom Ford Eye Quad in Cocoa Mirage. I finally picked it up and I’m blown away by the quality. I start of with the light brown in the socket and then apply the beige shade all over the lid. I initially meant to leave it like that but I thought my eyes needed bit more depth so I ran the satin brown in the outer v and also the dark brown along my lashlines. Mascara is Mac False Lashes Extreme Mascara. Guys if you have a mascara recommendation send them my way.Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage, Chanel Accent, Nars Barbara, Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude, Chanel CC CreamOkay, so this is my favourite everyday lip colour combination. I love my greige and brown tones but let’s be honest Nars Audacious Lipstick in Barbara is my ultimate favourite shade and funnily enough, I haven’t actually featured it on this blog too much so you’re welcome. I start off lining my lips with Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Iconic Nude and then put Barbara on top. These are pretty similar in shade with Babs maybe a bit darker. Oh, how I pretty much only watched Everybody’s All-American because it has my two favourite actresses in one scene and that ever happened in Two-Faced Woman back in 1941.

Now, do excuse my rambly mood but I’ve been all over the place. As I continue to wonder what’s so terrible about getting Cartier and Chanel to fund your film, let me just say thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the look. It’s simple but I basically used all of my favourite products and that always makes me happy!

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