Rolling Project Pan Update #2

To be completely honest, I have frequent mood swings in regards to this project and frankly, I just wish you’d see progress on powder products quicker but looking back at the three months of formal project panning, I definitely played with makeup more than I have for a while. Some discoveries have been made in that I’ve been quite successful panning lipsticks and pencil products, don’t mind using the same eyeshadow despite minimal progress but struggle quite a bit with face products so I will probably keep those to a minimum from now on (says while she rolls in a baked blush).

Used Up:

Burberry Fresh Glow BB Cream in Fair – this shade is definitely not fair and to be honest I don’t know if Burberry still makes it so I won’t buy it again but it has definitely eased me into using base products again and I’m now trying to use the leftovers of my Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation – one that I thought was done but I’ve already got another months use out of. One thing I enjoyed about this product though was the pump and wish it came on more tub products.

Chanel Cream Blush in Cheeky – if this colour came in powder, I would be all over it but I just don’t like using cream products. This was more a cream to powder formula but sadly started drying it out so I wanted to get it out of my collection. I would certainly love a powder dupe but failed to find one so far as the brown and pink tones in this seem to be quite a unique blend.

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Ardent

I have used a fair amount of this without reaching for it daily but this is not as creamy as Ambre Dore which I previously panned. Funny I feel this is a stiffer formula and yet I got less uses out it – probably a total of twenty uses over the project duration. It works on the top lash line so I definitely used more but I also did only one layer on waterline as opposed to two layers of Ambre Dore. I will miss these colours though and sadly Chanel don’t have anything similar in the collection for the moment.


Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Walkyrie – this wasn’t exactly hard to use up and since I have a back up there is not really much to say but it is one of my favourite darker nudes. After wearing it nearly daily for two months though, I feel like I might appreciate the lightness of Mac Honeylove. I sharpened this as far as I could until mid Jan and then get out the remaining product into a pot and only just used up all of the product. It still is a favourite formula but there is definitely a lot of product that I couldn’t reach within the pencil and it doesn’t apply as well with a pencil brush.

L’Oreal Caresse Lipstick in Irresistible Expresso – this one was actually quite a bitch to pan. Not because I didn’t like the product but because it was going down very slowly as opposed to the lip pencil which I could sharpen every two days. I finally stopped ignoring this product and really enjoyed the colour but will now be replacing it with a less balmy texture.


Nars Eyeshadow Duo in St Paul de Vence – goal hit pan on peach

I realise in my previous update, I haven’t actually stated my goal on this but I want to hit pan on the peach. At first I kept working on the brown and further extended the pan but I mostly layered it with the peach and there is a slight deep in the pan now. This will take a minute because the Nars eyeshadow are tightly packed but I am about half as deep as on the brown and I have discovered that it’s actually quite a nice peach, says me the casual peach hater. Turns out I like both shades in a Nars duo for a change.

Becca Ombre Rouge Palette – goal hit pan on two shades

Since adding in the Nars duo into the project, this has gone slightly unused. I have definitely started focusing on the dark brown again and with some effort, I should be able to hit pan on the two extra shades. After that’s done though, I will pull it out immediately because I definitely want to get more use out of my other eyeshadow palettes.

MAC Frost Eyeshadow in Sable – use up

I have thin layer of product left on the sides of the pan and ever since I’ve discovered how gorgeous it layers underneath the Nars peach, I have been inclined to wear it most days and I initially thought I got get through within weeks but there is still a lot of applications in the pan. I will persist though since it will be the first powder eyeshadow I have used up completely.

MAC Lip Pencil in Whirl – use up

I have been using this quite consistently but I only use it when I apply my lip colour in the morning at home. Adding the fact this is quite a long pencil and I can get about five applications before I need to sharpen it, this will take a long time but I actually enjoying how different Walkyrie looked layered on top of this and I’m quite keen to try it with the new lipstick I’m adding into the project.

Roll In:

MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC15 – I was about to give up on this product but I have been forcing myself to use it for the past month and while it doesn’t work the best, it works well enough for me to try to use it (read: it works better than the Bobbi Brown Full Cover Concealer which is the other concealer I currently have open). I find this can look a bit ashy under my eyes and you do get a lot of product in the pot so the odds are against me but if I use it exclusively for a few months, I think I’ll be happy enough.

theBalm Desert Bronzer/Blush – I’m putting this little sample in only because I don’t anticipate hitting goal on one of the products I’m adding in any time soon. I actually adore the rosy tone and the satin finish of this product but I forgot to use it because of the size. I clumsily repressed into a bigger compact since that pan was just ridiculous, I used it for a week and it’s starting to wear it places so here’s to using up 1g of bronzer. If I didn’t have all my bronzer/blush collection within this shade range I would definitely buy the full size even despite the cardboard packaging.

T-B: Chanel Ébloui, Chanel New Moon, MAC Sable, theBalm Desert, Chanel Accent

Chanel Joues Contraste in Accent – it might be my favourite blusher but it is also my oldest blusher and I figured it is about time to use it up. Now, wish me luck because I’ve used this a lot and the dome is only slightly starting to sink in. Again I rate the product but deciding to focus on one blush knowing how long it will take to use, makes me think about how underused the rest of my collection will be. Great, considering I just caved into another blush purchase.

Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in Ébloui – I really don’t want to think about how long I’ve had this product because it was back in the day when I would wear burgundy eyeshadow on the daily basis and hated nude lipsticks. Being a cream shadow, this has become quite flaky since but with a sticky base, this still works fine and I like it layered under lighter colours for more wearable version of the burgundy eye look. I reckon I have about half left and would like to use at least some of it seeing as this used to be one of my favourite eyeshadows.

L-R: Chanel Farouche, MAC Whirl, Sephora Copper

Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in New Moon + Sephora Jumbo Eye Pencil in Copper – I’m including these two as one product because while the issue with Ébloui is that it’s slightly dried out, the issue with New Moon has always been the overwhelming glitter fallout. I’ve always adored the base shade as a lighter alternative to Ébloui but the glitter fallout has caused me to never use it. The Copper pencil is another old favourite which I stopped using in favour of more cool toned shades but it creates a sticky base for a few seconds before it sets and works fairly well to minimise fallout on New Moon. Again, these are fair amount of product left for both and I already overloaded this project with eyeshadows but my favourite part of project panning has definitely been finding new ways to use products.

Chanel Rouge Allure in Farouche – this one is stepping in place of Irresistable Expresso and it is definitely its better version with more opacity and less tacky finish. The only downside is that I hardly used any of it so it might be quite a challenge to get through an almost full bullet. The reddish brown works really well with all the eyeshadow tones so it should be fine and I will probably switch between it and some box standard nudes.

The thing about all products in the project is that they all have a certain warm reddish nude undertone so the makeup looks are always cohesive but having said that I have a few more cool toned products that I never use now and feel like it would be beneficial to include them down the line. Apart from the bronzer I don’t foresee any progress on these products any time soon so I might check back in desperate to roll something out in a couple of months. Until then feel free to check out my previous project pan post below.

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