Kevyn Aucoin Sunrise Light Neo Bronzer Review

It’s no secret Kevyn Aucoin Tropical Nights is the one product that made me believe that a non-orange bronzer is a possibility and at the same time made me realise that what I wanted from a bronzer was a pink undertone – nothing revolutionary given I’ve been using Tom Ford Terra for three years at that point. But compared to Terra where the pink tone is very subtle, the Neo Bronzer in Sunrise Light is something else and I’ve been buzzing to share this with you.

Kevyn Aucoin Celstial Bronzing Veil in Tropical Nights and Neo Bronzer in Sunrise Light

To begin with, I purchased this bronzer over a week  ago by chance spotting it on the Space NK website because I’ve heard absolutely no one talk about it. Kevyn Aucoin already have The Neo Bronzer in their range which is a larger compact of bronzer/blush/highlighter hybrid and definitely not something I’d be interested in. These bronzers come in three shades with Sunrise Light being the most pink, Dusk Medium more neutral and Sundown Deep the warmest out of the three. Unlike the Celestial Bronzing Veil were the colour gradient is very definite, the Neo Bronzer goes from shimmer to matte but the shimmer is very subtle and overall the bronzer has a pretty satin finish.

Formula wise, I never cease to mention my hatred for soft powders and this one is right in the middle where you can easily pick up the product with a softer brush but create no kick back in the pan. I would say this is more finely milled than the Celestial Bronzing Veil and definitely a winner for me. I tried it with my new Surratt Cheek Brush for more direct as well asfor more diffused application and it works equally well with both types of brushes.

I’m set with Terra as far as matte bronzers go but Tropical Nights is definitely more of a metallic bronzer and while the undertone is absolutely stunning and I don’t find it to be too dark when applied properly, there was definitely a part of me that was still desperately hoping for light toned satin bronzer with a strong pink undertone. A pinky bronzer is definitely an acquired taste but I find it to be the most flattering on my fair skin and Sunrise Light is exactly what I needed. As a general rule every brand seems to have their lightest shade be a deep beige or peachy colour so I often expect to get the darker shades which pull cooler and hope that they’re not too pigmented. Surprisingly this time around, I could go in and get the lightest shade. Sunrise Light might be on the verge of blush for some but it definitely appears as a bronzer on my skin.

T-B: Tom Ford, Sunrise Light (L), Sunrise Light (M), Sunrise Light (R, KA Tropical Nights, Hourglass Diffused Bronze Light, Sunrise Light mixed
Wearing Sunrise Light and Fenty Beauty Fire Crystal

Because the gradient is very subtle, I’d struggle to only pick up the matte and possibly contour with this and my only wish would be that Kevyn Aucoin launch that portion in a separate compact as a pinky alternative to the Sculpting Powder. Otherwise, this is definitely one of the few bronzers that I don’t have to be very careful both because of the soft finish and the depth of the colour. I’ve been trying a few new makeup bits recently and this one has been the one I’ve been reaching for everyday since I got it because I didn’t think it was possible for a brand acknowledge how gorgeous a pink toned bronzer is on fair skin.

I’m definitely a big fan of Kevyn Aucoin powders for their tones, non powdery look and long wearing quality and this launch is one of my favourite in a while. Have you tried the Kevyn Aucoin Neo Bronzer? What are your thoughts?

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