Thoughts on the Hyped Up Makeup in My Collection

Now, I do like to kid myself into thinking I’m completely immune to marketing but what is better marketing than hyping up a product within the online beauty community. This list was interesting to put together because why I definitely research products before buying them, I have on occasions bought something only because I heard someone mention it multiple times even if I knew I probably won’t get that much use out of it. There is also a few brands that I generally consider to be hyped up and they definitely made up a bulk of this list.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Porcelain Beige – I only recently purchased this being in two minds about it for the longest time. Firstly, I feared this would look my dry under eyes look horrendous having heard it’s one of those concealers that set and secondly, Porcelain Beige was a recent addition to the range and the previous lightest shade would have definitely been too dark but Porcelain Beige is perfect. I wouldn’t call this total coverage but it definitely covers well the veins under my eyes, the slight pinky hue brightens up the area and it actually blends into the skin seamlessly. It goes without saying it will look bad if you don’t prime your skin beforehand but I find the coverage and wear to be phenomenal for how seamlessly it blends in.

Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk – I’m the first to praise the performance of powder blushes because they take seconds to apply with a brush while a cream formula is something I find takes longer to blend into the skin, however, as I kept using Dusk, I found myself smitten with the final finish of a warm peachy flush diffused across a larger portion of my cheeks as opposed to a more strategic placement of powder blush. Dusk is definitely a colour I have to layer twice to get desired intensity but as long as I pat it in, it creates the most beautiful effect and actually stays in place all day. I was sceptical at first and I definitely still prefer powders but the soft cheek look is something that I found myself gravitating towards recently.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Very Victoria – you know the gist, it’s one of those products that I used up and repurchased. The reason why I adore this formula is because it’s so thin you can barely tell you’re wearing anything and because Very Victoria is a more sophisticated version of my natural lip colour, it just gives my lips the colour I wish they naturally had. Because it’s so thin, it also eventually dries down, doesn’t transfer and wears off extremely evenly.

Hourglass Veil Powder in Translucent – now that I’m entering into the products I’m not exactly sold on, let me say I think Hourglass is one of the most overhyped brands out there and more often than not I not so much dislike the product as I don’t find it as good as I hear others make it out to be. I wondered whether to include this because I generally do not like loose powders but I feel it might be worth mentioning since this has some reputation in the setting powder realm. I would agree that it does set your makeup and it feels silky on the skin but while it is finely milled, I find it can still look quite heavy and is not quite a foolproof as I’d expect. It’s definitely not a regret but I don’t find it anything special and also wish the hue wasn’t as yellow as it is.

Marc Jacobs Omega Bronze in Tantastic – this one is a classic case of me hearing so many people talk about it that I bought it despite knowing I wouldn’t love it. I do own a few bronzers that I love to bits so my expectations are high and a lot of people say this is a good shade for fair skin but once again, I don’t find anything special about it. Of course, the compact is beautiful, the amount of product is great if you only have one bronzer and the formula performs well in a sense that the brush picks up a soft layer of product but it can be built and never looks patchy. The bit I strongly dislike is the coconut fragrance although it’s not as bad as I thought it would be but really what it comes down to is that this neutral undertone does nothing for my complexion. It doesn’t look orange but I definitely need to make sure to apply more blush when wearing this because it can make me look a bit dull.

Fenty Killawatt Highlighter in Lightning Dust and Fire Crystal – I was naturally very excited to try something from the Fenty line and while not all products appeal to me, I was definitely drawn to these highlighters. Of course, I appreciate that Fenty puts in a lot of effort into the packaging design especially given the mid price point. The brand overall is great value for money and you do get 7 grams of highlighter in these duos but I’m eternally confused by the formula. It is more of a creamy powder formula which swatches well but doesn’t always translate well with a brush. I actually struggle to get the more natural looking half to pick up and even when eventually built up, the glow is extremely subtle. The right shade on the other hand picks up a lot easier but is very glittery and more suitable for eye highlight. Both of the shades miss the mark for me and if like me, you prefer a glow from within highlight, this is not one to choose.

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eye Palette in Pillow Talk – as far as hype goes, Charlotte Tilbury is the biggest offender in my opinion and there are instances where the products work like my worth the hype mention but this palette falls so flat for me it epitomises my thoughts on the brand. The palette is pretty and bar the glitter top coat that falls all over your face, I don’t hate the formula but there is virtually nothing you can do with this palette. Now, had the glitter been replaced with a standard metallic formula, I might have loved this but like most of CT palettes, this offers colours that can be easily duped and better yet, for colours that actually are more flattering on my skin tone. From using this and watching people wear this, these shades don’t translate very well on warmer toned skin, probably because of how muted the tones are and this is pretty much like any neutral quad out there.

Glossier Balmdotcom – I’ll be brief on this one because there is really is not much to say since this is basically Vaseline. It sits on top of the lips without actually penetrating them and if anything makes me feel uncomfortable. I’ve found Glossier to be hit and miss but this is the most ridiculous product in their lineup.

I definitely got some negative energy out towards the end of this post but there I said it, my thoughts on some of the most overhyped products in my collection. Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Hyped Up Makeup in My Collection”

  1. Totally agree with you on the Glossier Balmdotcom. It’s basically a gross, thick Vaseline… I do however enjoy the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk quad. Even with such ‘boring’ shades, I love using it for my everyday office eye look. Also a big fan of Very Victoria 🙂

    1. I feel like I’m in the minority when it comes to the quad but the tones are not quite right for me but Very Victoria is definitely one of my all time favourite. X

  2. The Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk is such a staple product for me. I absolutely love it! Both the color and the texture are perfect.

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