Ranking Concealers For Fair Skin

I’ve taken a month break away from the blog that initially started because of the heatwave and then continued for the whole month mainly because I didn’t have time on the weekends (including a delightful trip to Manchester to see The Nico Project). The funny thing was that I had all my content planned but just couldn’t do the photos but I’ve been off for a week for my birthday and finally pulled myself together despite another London heatwave.

Now onto the actual post, I’ve always been one to have a couple of concealers but within the last couple of months, I went on a bit of a concealer craze trying to find my favourite one. I have quite sunken under eyes and on top of that a very translucent skin that picks up on any veins under there so I’ve slowly come to a conclusion that no concealer will fully counteract that and it’s very much about finding the one that will do the most and look the most flattering. I don’t particularly use concealer in other areas of my face at the moment but most of these will work for that purpose as well. For reference, my best foundation shade match is Smashbox Studio Skin in 0.1.

Smashbox Studio Skin Fair Neutral, Fenty Pro Filt’r 130, Nars Soft Matte Chantilly, Tarte Shape Tape Porcelain Beige, Too Faced Born This Way Fairest, Nars Radiant Creamy Chantilly, Milk Flex Porcelain

Fenty Pro Filt’r Concealer in 130

Now I initially purchased this concealer in shade 110 unaware that the Fenty concealers were way lighter than their corresponding foundation and 130 swatched quite dark in store. The reason why this is my winner is because it provides medium to high coverage without looking dry, cakey or accentuating lines. The formula is creamy without being too thick and melts well into the skin. I don’t consider any of the concealers I own to be full coverage but the tone of this works well to counteract the darkness under my eyes and covers blemishes fairly well. It definitely leans on the yellow side of the spectrum and is right in the middle as far as depth of colour goes.

Smashbox Studio Skin Concealer in Fair Neutral

This one is a similar depth of colour, a hair lighter, but the formula is more liquidy. My favourite part about this concealer is that it appears to blur the skin under my eyes and can make them look really smooth but I personally find more liquid formulas to be more temperamental when it comes to application. Once again the coverage is medium to high and I can get it to cover most of the darkness but because of the neutral undertone, I find this covers just slightly less than Fenty 130.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Porcelain Beige

I definitely rate this concealer and actually love the shade Porcelain Beige which leans more pink and I wouldn’t usually go for that. It is also the highest in terms of coverage amongst all my concealers but definitely not full coverage. While it dries darker in a swatch because of the amount pigment you get, it definitely doesn’t look like that when blended out and I actually find it adds the most brightening out of the top three. Now the only reason why this is third is because I find it can look a bit powdery under the eyes, I wouldn’t say it makes my undereyes any drier than they are but it can look like you’re wearing too much if you don’t blend it well enough before it sets. Also, despise the messiness of the huge tube and applicator.

L-R: Too Faced Fairest, Fenty 110, Milk Porcelain, NARS SM Chantilly, NARS RC Chantilly, Tarte Porcelain Beige, Smashbox Fair Neutral, Fenty 130

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly

This has been in my collection for many years and I think only swatching this side by side with all the newer concealers made me realise how dark concealers were before. Now Chantilly still works for me because of how neutral and almost grey the undertone is and sometimes I find darker concealers to be more effective in covering the darkness. This is actually one of the better ones as far as concealing out the purple undertones but it definitely doesn’t provide any brighteness. Coverage wise it’s a step down from Tarte Shape Tape but not a massive one and it definitely is less likely to look heavy. I find the texture of this to be just right, not too creamy and not to liquidy and to this day, the simplicity of the packaging and the applicator is my favourite.

Nars Soft Matte Concealer in Chantilly

Soft Matte Chantilly is perhaps a touch warmer than Radiant Creamy Chantilly and it’s the colour that I like it less for because I definitely enjoy the formula. I do love an ease of blending out a pot concealer and I would use this is one if I was in a hurry. I would say overall, the coverage on this is slighter higher than Radiant Creamy but I believe concealing has a lot to do with tones, because this isn’t as great of a match for me, I don’t find it to be any different. To touch of the matte finish, this is my preferred form of matte vs the quick setting Tarte Shape Tape – again, easier to work with.

Milk Flex Concealer in Porcelain

If I was ranking these concealers by my ideal shade, this was would be top spot because it’s the closest match to my skin but is let down by its formula. With this concealer, we are entering into low to medium coverages and while I use this on super low makeup days when concealers is the only base products I’m wearing (it works well to conceal some under my eyes and on spots in a very natural way), it is not a concealer I’ll reach for when wearing full face of makeup.

L-R, access patted: Too Faced Fairest, Fenty 110, Milk Porcelain, NARS SM Chantilly, NARS RC Chantilly, Tarte Porcelain Beige, Smashbox Fair Neutral, Fenty 130

Fenty Pro Filt’r Concealer in 110

So I just told you that 130 is a buildable medium coverage but 110 just doesn’t perform as well. Going off of the swatches this is the only one that doesn’t dry darker and it really just doesn’t have the same coverage. 110 is what I would classify as a brightening shade for me and it’s pretty much what it is but because it has no power to conceal the darkness under my eyes, I can only use this with another concealer underneath. I definitely still enjoy this range but I find the undertones in the palest shades of Fenty to be very saturated (105 is extremely yellow, 110 is pink, 120 is very orange yellow) and wish they were more toned down.

Too Faced Born This Way Concealer in Fairest

Fairest is definitely one of the darker shades going on but unlike Chantilly, it has a much warmer undertone which I find can pull slightly orange on me. The thing about this concealer is that it just looks the most flattering under the eyes with a slight reflectivity and the most lightweight texture so if you don’t have a lot to cover and can find a matching shade, this would be fantastic. For me, I will use this when my skin is very dry but I won’t expect it to make my undereyes look perfected.

Hope this post was semi helpful if you’re struggling to find a good concealer! Let me know in the comments what are some of your favourites?

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