Rolling Project Pan Update #6

There is a lot of updates in this project and in all honesty, I probably should have done this sooner but here we are and I’m so excited to share my progress with you. I’ve been very good at applying makeup most days bar the few days where I’ve been very busy with work. I’d say even though I was doing a lot of similar looks, I was very excited about the process of applying makeup because I had more time to do it working from home. I also managed to get 20 makeup products out of my collection this year either by giving away to friends and familly or actually finishing up which really motivates me to keep going with this project. I’m rolling out 2/3 of my previous products from my mid April update so let’s get into it.


Fenty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte PrimerGoal Use Up

I finished this on 5/7 and it was the first item to go. I used it every day since re-committing to the project bar a few days when I was up all tonight and sleeping through the day. When I initially tried this I only used a tiny amount but in the project, I used two pumps and I found it provided a nice base for foundation. I won’t run out to repurchase this because I definitely prefer an illuminating primer but I would go for this in the future whenever I’m less into the glowy look.

Milk Flex Concealer in PorcelainGoal Use Up

I took the stopper out of this around the one month mark and still had a lot of product in the tube by then but with the stopper, you never really got enough on the applicator and I hated having to dip back in. This was finally done on 5/15. I used this as an eye base quite a lot because being at home I didn’t really care if my eyeshadows faded and even as a foundation a few times. This concealer is actually the best shade match I’ve ever found but I don’t really like the medium coverage on this and wouldn’t repurchase this in the future.

Nars Blusher in Douceur – Goal Use Up

I will admit I was definitely quite heavy handed with blush over the two months it took me to finish this up. I also repressed it the minute it started getting a bit hard to get an even coating on the brush so that made it go faster. I did have quite a lot of usage on this but it was still significantly easier to use up than the Chanel blush. I will be taking a break from panning blush for the time being but I imagine rolling one into the project later on in the year.

Fenty Killawatt Highlighter in Lightning Dust/Fire CrystalGoal Hit Pan on Fire Crystal

When I did my makeup inventory, I thought this is a product I would like to finish up completely this year but as I was using it, I found myself increasingly not liking the effect. I did expand the pan a bit on Lightning Dust and I can see myself finishing it in the future as it’s a nice subtle highlighter but I decided that all I wanted to do with this is hit pan on Fire Crystal and then roll it out. Fire Crystal is very glittery and I really don’t like it on my face. These highlighters are fairly easy to hit pan on and I hit pan on Fire Crystal on 5/13. I used it for an additional week and then put it away.

L-R: Mac Whirl, MUG Wild West, MAC Honeylove, Chanel Farouche

MUG Eyeshadow in Wild West – Goal Hit Pan

This is another shade that I thought I might completely use up this year but as I used it I realised that this wasn’t achievable. I love this dusty rose brown shade in the pan but the formula is not very good. It’s hard pressed yet pigmented, can be patchy and if you apply too much it gets a lot darker than what it looks like in the pan. I mostly used this as crease and lower lash line shade and hit pan on 5/15 but there is so much shadow still left in the pan and I’d rather focus on other matte shades that are creamier and easier to work with and not just try to use this whole pan up. I have put in a quad with Mac Naked Lunch, Malt and Soft Teddy which is coincidentally also what the CT Pillow Talk should be so I will still use it occasionally but not every single day.

Mac Lip Liner in WhirlGoal Use Up

This was a product that I had in my project pan for over a year and there were times when I wore it everyday and then a period when I forgot I owned it. I was so determined to get this out of collection that I started applying it multiple times a day when before I would only apply it in the morning and actually found myself enjoying it on its own too because I liked that it didn’t transfer onto my coffee cup. I was tallying uses on this and while it might not be 100% accurate and a few times my sharpener broke the pencil especially towards the end, it was very motivational because I based on the usage I could calculate how many days I had left in it. It took me 73 applications before I could no longer sharpen this and I probably about 60% of the product left in the last update. I’ve grown to really enjoy this and actually used up another lip liner since but I don’t see having lip liners in my collection long term unless I want to change the colours of some of the lipsticks I would like to pan in the future.

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in Farouche – Goal Use Up

By the end, I was really sick of this colour and had I not put it in my project pan I would definitely not reach for it. I do like panning lipsticks but as far as formulas go this one was the hardest to pan because I felt like you couldn’t use a lot at once like you can with thicker formulas. I’d say I applied four times a day on average and it was finally finished on 5/24.

Mac Matte Lipstick in HoneyloveGoal Use Up

Once Farouche was gone, I moved on to this and this was the perfect browny nude when paired with the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Iconic Nude which I used up alongside it and they were both gone by 6/24. This goes down faster than Farouche and part of it is the smaller diameter but also how dense the formula is. For me this is a bit little light on its own and because I don’t want to buy more lip liners, I won’t repurchase but I loved wearing it with Iconic Nude.


Chanel Eye Quad in Raffinement – Goal Use Up

This is an old product in my collection, I want this out sooner rather than later and I’m glad I’m getting some use out of it. I’m definitely getting there and have now used up two shades in the palette. I also used the taupe shade quite a bit even though I used to worry it would look too grey on me and I use the aubergine fairly frequently as liner along my lashline. I’m confident I can finish the taupe within the next few months but I use so little of the darkest shade it’s hard to gauge but it will stay here for as long as it takes.

Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in Fatal – Goal Use Up

At this point, this is the oldest product in my collection and another long term item. I didn’t use it a lot and I’m beginning to feel it drying out but I’ll try to get as much use out of it as I can. I do love the lilac tone but it’s one you don’t use a lot of. There is a slight dip in it but nothing compared to the amount of product left in the pot.

Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes in Deep Warm TaupeGoal Use Up

There is no way to say how much product is left in this bullet but I’ve used this product up before so I don’t think I’m being completely unreasonable. I haven’t used it much in the first month but have started to use it more frequently since I hit pan on Wild West and I think I just needed to get into the habit of using this as a base again.

Mac Eye Kohl in Costa RicheGoal Use Up

This is one product I want to get out of my collection but I’m not rushing through it as I only own one other brown eyeliner. I’ve basically been using this and the aubergine in Raffinement as my liner interchangeably and have made some visible progress but since I don’t reapply eyeliner like lipliner, it will take a while. I might challenge myself to wear this in my waterline everyday but admittedly sometimes I just forget the eyeliner step.


Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation in 0.1Goal Use Up

I was initially going to replace the primer with the Chanel Le Blanc Base in Lys but I only have two primers left in my collection so I figured it was about time I panned a foundation. I was trying to avoid it because the minute I stop working from home, this probably won’t get much use. I only use one pump of the foundation when I do use it and the product in the bottle is just below the hydrating title so I’ll be lucky if I can get through it in three months.

Fenty Pro Filt’r Concealer in 110Goal Use Up

Apart from bronzers, concealers are the product I’m most tempted by so it took me a while to decide which concealer to focus on next. I settled on the Fenty and was initially going to go with 130 which I have used up more of but I’ve been finding it a bit dark when paired with illuminating primers so I’m going with 110 instead. This is my favourite formula and I always thought 110 had less coverage than 130 but I now think the real issue was that without Lys my undertone was too yellow for 110 to work.

KKW Creme Highlight in Light I/Light IIGoal Use Up

People were generally outraged by how little product you get in these and that’s a reason why I decided to include this. These are not the good highlight shades for fair skin at all. Now I only ever swatched the shimmer shade because I only got this duo for the contour shades but have been using the matte side as an eye primer since I used up the Milk concealer and don’t have too much left. The light gold is actually quite pretty considering I hate gold and cream products but if I’m to use this up, it needs to be in this project and I’ll probably just start layering it as a base under my foundation once I finish my current illuminating primer.

L-R: Chanel L’Adoree, Nars Morocco, Charlotte Tilbury Hepburn Honey

Nars Precision Lip Liner in MoroccoGoal Use Up

This is the last lip liner in my collection which I’m very thrilled about and I technically don’t need to put it in the project but I’m doing it just in case. Morocco is a lot warmer than Whirl and still warmer than Iconic Nude so I imagine it being a lot harder to use since all my eye products are on the purple side. I love this formula though but this pencil is pretty much brand new so it’ll probably take quite a lot of effort to get through.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick in L’Adoree – Goal Use Up

I have been using this for a few weeks now since using up Honeylove and currently have a little bit more left of it than I had of Farouche in the last update. This lipstick is very different for me since I’m a browny nude lip fan but I have been more and more drawn to cool toned looks and the purple tones in L’Adoree flatter the looks so much more than Farouche did. I can also pair it with Morocco to tone it down a bit so that’s my next lipstick to focus on.

Charlotte Tilbury Kissing Lipstick in Hepburn HoneyGoal Use Up

This lipstick is a funny one. I stopped wearing it because people would always comment it matched my hair and for some reason that put me off it. Having applied it recently, I think it’s definitely warm for the purple eye looks but not as warm as I remembered it in my mind. I think more than anything the fact it’s not matte will put me off wearing it but if there is something I can pan well, it’s a lipstick.

I have decided not too roll anything in place of Nars Douceur and will be taking a bit of a break from panning blush. I am also not replacing Wild West and would like to focus on the eyeshadows I have in the project for now. This brings my project total to 10 but it will probably fluctuate again in the future.

Apologies for how long this was but this update was definitely long overdue. How is your project pan going? Have you been finding yourself using your products more or less lately?

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