Charlotte Tibury Pillow Talk Eye Palette


I never actually swatched the Pillow Talk lip liner and the lipstick that followed, simply because I swear by Iconic Nude and Very Victoria but while a pink lip is not something I gravitate towards (hence why I paired this look with Hepburn Honey), a pink toned eyeshadow palette definitely is. The blusher in the collection also gives off the Chanel Accent vibe and I might eventually give in but as this collection is an online exclusive, I figured I’d start off with the Luxury Eye Palette. Continue reading “Charlotte Tibury Pillow Talk Eye Palette”

The Ultimate Vampy Lip

DSC02392Part of the reason why I’ve always wanted to try Nars products was the names referencing all sorts of films, characters and events of the early 20th century and you might know referencing is my jam. Train Bleu is obviously named after a Ballets Russes ballet (or the French train) which Gabrielle Chanel designed costumes for. So smart for I did a whole presentation on Ballets Russes back in the day. Damn, I could really use that Diaghilev book I have back at home to shoot on. However, I obviously love a bold lip, matte even better, in a pencil – brilliant. Continue reading “The Ultimate Vampy Lip”

Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation

Chanel Perfection Lumière VelvetMy skin is very temperamental in terms of finding the right foundations and most of the ones I’ve tried look particularly heavy even if they look perfectly natural on someone else. Chanel foundations are one of the few that not only blend in but also have a shade in their range that perfectly matches my skin. I’ve previously tried Vitalumière Aqua which is a more universal version of the Vitalumière. Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet challenges Perfection Lumière in a more lightweight formula. Now, I’ll spare you the story of how I meant to purchase it ever since it launched and move onto the review. Continue reading “Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation”

An Ode To Lip and Eye Pencils

Mac Costa Riche, Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude, Chanel Ardent I have always been a big fan of eye pencils. So much so that there is a whole post dedicated to my top four. But I don’t like black against my complexion, talking mascara and liners of course but black is all my wardrobe consists of. Naturally, the soft brown definition has been my way of choice. Also recently, the lip pencils have become the next big thing and while admittedly, I tend to forget to apply them, the new one I got keeps me interested. Continue reading “An Ode To Lip and Eye Pencils”

Testing The Very Hyped Up Benefit They’re Real

Benefit They're Real Beyond Brown

I had a very unpleasant experience last year at Benefit Kadewe counter. I literally remember walking back to my hotel and looking in the Kempinsky windows, thinking my eyebrows look horrendous with Gimme Brow on them. It was so so dark and it was actually the lighter shade. I ran into my room and instantly wiped it off. She also applied They’re Real mascara an it went a bit crispy so I never tried it again. But she did apply it over a coat of Chanel Le Volume so no surprise and when Benefit launched this mascara in Beyond Brown, I knew it was time for me to give a go again. Continue reading “Testing The Very Hyped Up Benefit They’re Real”