The Perfect Muted Red Nail

Givenchy Rouge AcajouIn my Quick Autumn Look, I quickly referenced my obsession over the Givenchy Vinyl Collection but mostly the Rouge Acajou shade. They launched a matching lip and nail duo and while I love Rouge Acajou on my lips and was told it suited me perfectly, I’m not entirely sure it’s the Diane Lockhart lip colour I’m looking for which is even tougher considering a certain actress that plays her is nowhere near as white as myself. Continue reading “The Perfect Muted Red Nail”

A Nail Polish That Converted Me To Blue

Barry M Eat My DustPrepare to be shocked as the first high-end product I ever went into buy was Chanel Coco Blue nail polish. It was this perfect light blue shade and as I was going through my Wallis blue, I fancy a bit of blue phase, it seemed appropriate. Clearly that has changed, although my appreciation for the certain Mainbocher wedding dress is ongoing but I digress… Anna has been raving about this Barry M shade all summer and I was tempted to try it. Continue reading “A Nail Polish That Converted Me To Blue”

Embracing Summer Nail Colours


You might have noticed I’m a monochrome lover through and through. For the majority of time that also includes my nail colour where my bravest shades include reds and whites. Still keeping that theme in summer, I do like to give some love to my brighter polishes. Continue reading “Embracing Summer Nail Colours”

Making a Chanel Exception


Apparently I’m trying to pull off one week blogging/one week not blogging. I think the winter might really be getting to me this year. And it hasn’t even started snowing yet… I really should get more organised but easier said than done…

If you get past that, let’s talk Chanel Exception. Chanel. Well, they always come out with the most beautiful products and this is no exception. I’m trying to get into other brands but Chanel is still the primary. Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan of their Holiday collection but I couldn’t resist the new lip and nail stand. A Rouge Allure Gloss is coming but that’s another post. Continue reading “Making a Chanel Exception”