Home Decor Edit: Making My Place More Homely

Home Decor

Today was the epitome of a bad day and I’m not exactly in the best state of mind but luckily, I can finally rest at home. I have been in London a little bit over a month and already lived in three different places so decorating my living space hasn’t been much of a priority. It’s been more about actually having a place to stay. Without getting into too much details, I did have to pick up a few bare essentials just so I wouldn’t be borrowing a friend’s blanket for the rest of my life. Enter H&M Home and others.

Home Decor

Home Decor

The first thing I picked up was Anthropologie Monogram Mug. Admittedly, the only groceries that I currently have are coffee, almond milk and almond butter so I need something to store my morning dose in since I don’t even have my KeepCup on hand (although I will have to have it shipped and perhaps even design another one). This is a pretty large mug so it definitely helps me not doze off on the train.

I’m all rage about all things marble and copper. In fact, I think my MacBook really needs a marble skin but it’s all gone from the H&M stores so I had to make a little online order. I picked up the black & white marble plate which I think has a sort of luxury hotel lobby vibe to it. Continuing, I love this marble mug to store my makeup brushes. Totally stole that from Lily Pebbles. Onto the copper bit which is enabled by Anna who actually picked up a large flower pot but since I’m yet to decorate my room with plants, I wanted for the mini version candle. I love the black and copper contrast. I always bought the copper plate which will be fab for both blog photography and displaying my nail polishes or other beauty bits. The last thing is this Art Deco scallop tealight holder which has the exact same print as the little pots I left behind at home. I’m a huge fan of Art Deco and I can’t get enough of it.

Home DecorHome Decor

Moving onto Primark, I was actually surprised to find some lovely bits in there as well. I bought the softest set of pillows and a throw. Literally, they’re the cosiest things ever. I’m shocked myself that they’re gray as it’s not my favourite colour but really it is so practical for your home and I’m actually quite liking the shade.

Last but not least, is Muji. Yes, I finally get it. The storage, the notebooks, the pens, can I have it all? But anyway, I limited myself to only getting the three compartment stand to store my foundations, concealers, brow products, eyeliners etc. that I use on a daily basis and a weekly planner along with a pen which is my new favourite thing to dig out on the train.

Well, there was a little part two of my London living/branching out into blogging about more than just beauty. I hope you enjoyed and let me know if these sort of posts are something you’d like to see in the feature! Till next time!

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