Mini London Haul + Update

Hourglass Arch Sculpting Brow Auburn, Kiko Rosy Brown, Colab London, Mac Honeylove

Shock horror I didn’t actually do that much shopping. I mean, going into a Space NK store was quite possibly the most challenging experience of all when the lady asked if I need anything else and despite thinking, I want it all, I had to shake my head and say no. Tough times, people. I also had to refrain myself from going near the Charlotte Tilbury counter because let’s be real, it’s that time of my life when I need to make friends with the word ‘saving’. Not gonna happen. By the way, I have been thinking I might do a little post re: moving to London and let me know if you’d be interested. I have been considering writing about more than just beauty for a while so why not.

Hourglass Arch Sculpting Brow Auburn, Kiko Rosy Brown, Colab London, Mac Honeylove

Back to the shopping itself. One evening I was just casually planning my Charlotte Tilbury spend when I decided against it. And then Tamira’s post came up in my Bloglovin app and when I saw Hourglass launched their Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Auburn, my heart skipped. Not really, but it was just one of those we were meant to be moments. I tried to stop myself but I actually took the Tube in the wrong direction and basically ended up in front of a Space NK store so I gave in. I’m playing with this baby at the moment and there will definitely be a review coming up soon but for now, I love the spoolie and I love the shade, ideal for redheads!

I mentioned in my Top Three Lipstick Formulas that I could basically feature Nars Barbara, Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria and MAC Honeylove and you’d basically have three very similar lipsticks. I love MAC counters, the ladies are always the nicest but the sad thing is products are often out of stock. Anyway, I wanted MAC Uninterrupted but they discontinued it! Who are you, MAC! Luckily they had Honeylove and she’s a beaut. As I said, the perfect browny nude for fair skin. I was afraid it would pull peachy on me but that was sorted three weeks ago when I tried it on and it was sold out.


I don’t think I ever mentioned this but I cannot live without dry shampoo. The Batiste one for redheads is brilliant but it literally made my bathroom red so we had to part ways. Colab Dry Shampoo is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while and finally got a chance. I picked up the London and Paris ones. They’re definitely invisible and I love the scent of the Paris one especially. It’s like the more sophisticated version of Batiste Blush (my favourite thus far). They actually keep your hair voluminous for a while compared to Batiste but spare yourself the Extreme Volume, it left my hair feel so sticky.

The buzz in the beauty world has it that Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in Rosy Brown is a dupe for By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock. While I’m not a fan of very shimmery eyeshadows, I decided to pick this one as it’s just so convenient to apply. I was pleasantly surprised because it pulled quite reddish on me as opposed to the lilac tone it has in the bullet. It is indeed very multidimensional and I’ve been happily wearing it on its own. Now, I don’t know about By Terry but this one definitely needs a primer on my oily eyelids.

Bit of awkward swatches just for you
Bit of awkward swatches just for you

I have been lacking a proper scrub in my beauty bag so I picked up the Superfacialist by Una Brennan Rose Hydrate Face Scrub. As the name would suggest, it has a rose fragrance that’s very subtle and pleasant. The beads are not too chunky so it’s suitable for sensitive skins and so far, I’ve been enjoying it. It does take scrub without drying you out.

I’ve contained myself to these products as recently, when I looked at my makeup bags, I just had this feeling that it’s the most ridiculous amount of makeup even though compared to many I keep quite compact. But when you sort of gather it all together and go to apply your makeup in the morning, you really don’t need these 50 eyeshadows. Suppose what I’m trying to suggest is attempting a little September spending ban. But anyway, do let me know if you’d like to read a post about my London experience and I’ll see you next time!

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