The Perfect Contour: Tom Ford Terra Bronzer

Tom Ford Terra Bronzing Powder

I finally caved into a Tom Ford Makeup purchase. Tom Ford is obviously the epitome of luxury and I have been a big of fan of his scents for a while. Black Orchid and Cafe Rose are my signature perfume and I’ve been lusting over his makeup line as well. Suppose it was a late birthday treat and meet Bronzing Powder in Terra.

Tom Ford Terra Bronzing PowderTom Ford Terra Bronzing Powder

Up until this summer I stirred clear of bronzers or contour powder. Neutral blushers were the thing I sort of used to sculpt my cheeks. But some products change your mind. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze has been a recent favourite for instance. The Tom Ford one is a completely different thing though. Marbled effects aside, what you get with Terra is a medium brown shade, if I dare to stay slightly red-toned which always is a plus in my book. But there is no orange, muddy or shimmer involved when it comes to this product.

Tom Ford Terra Bronzing Powder

Now, this is still far from the likes of Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Medium but it makes it more approachable if you haven’t yet mastered the art of contouring. One many people apparently enjoy making look clownish these days. Terra, you literally can’t go wrong with. The formula is not so stark that once you deposit the product on your face with a brush, you look petrified and ask yourself, how am I going to blend this now? I don’t want to call this product sheer, I want to say the way it’s been pressed makes is so that you will never pick up too much pigment. You get the definition with almost no blending required. Additionally, it makes it ideal for contouring the nose as it can look so obvious in that area if you get just a little bit too much on your brush.

Tom Ford Terra Bronzing Powder

I also find that on my skin which is fair neutral leaning more yellow, it does work as a contour and creates the most natural shadow under my cheekbones and along my jawline. Not to say you couldn’t use it as a matte bronzer. But Terra really just makes sculpting your face so simple and personally, I feel like this colour would really suit anyone from fair to medium. I’m not sure if it would show up on the darkest of skins but I’m certainly impressed that it works on Chanel B10 complexion. Well, there I thought I’d also mention that without a surprise, it does of course last on my skin all day and I actually also really like to run it through my socket for a subtle definition.

Plus the satisfaction of closing that stunning white and gold magnetic compact is not quite like anything else. Tom Ford, you have made me a one happy gal.

P.S. I’m late with this post again so maybe I should update my schedule but nonetheless I’ll see you on Friday!

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