Charlotte Tibury Pillow Talk Eye Palette


I never actually swatched the Pillow Talk lip liner and the lipstick that followed, simply because I swear by Iconic Nude and Very Victoria but while a pink lip is not something I gravitate towards (hence why I paired this look with Hepburn Honey), a pink toned eyeshadow palette definitely is. The blusher in the collection also gives off the Chanel Accent vibe and I might eventually give in but as this collection is an online exclusive, I figured I’d start off with the Luxury Eye Palette.

Pillow Talk Eye Palette compared to the size of Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage and Chanel Raffinement Quads

As a general note, I feared this might be similar to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. Apart from that palette being a fallout mess, it does have some nice metallics and some incredibly ashy looking pink mattes. In my books, the tel tell sign of quality eyeshadow is complexity of the undertones. Being quite fair, these underlying tones can make or break the look. I’m happy to report that this palette has an overall warm pink base but the colours have varying tones and yet go extremely well together.


Prime is a light pink apricot satin. It is a slightly smoother and darker version of MAC Naked Lunch. It’s perfect all over my lid and goes opaque in one layer. If you are darker and don’t mind a satin, this would work as a prime shade.

Enhance is a medium warm pink matte. Out of my collection, MAC Malt is most similar but I’m certain there are similar shades out there, Malt is a lot more cool toned. The shadow is smooth, pigmented and easy to work with. It is a fantastic crease shade for me, it goes on true to colour, not ashy at all and I also enjoy it all over the lid.

Pop is a light copper glitter with a sheer base and gold sparkles. It is lighter and less pigmented than Urban Decay Trick. This acts more as an eyeshadow topper, is the least pigmented colour in the palette and unfortunately has some glitter fallout.

Smoke is a warm brown matte with pink undertones. It is most similar to MUG Cocoa Bear but the pink undertone makes it more wearable than Cocoa Bear for me, MUG Frappe is slightly lighter and more neutral. The shade is extremely smooth and pigmented with slight kickback if you dip your brush in too much.

Wearing Enhance in the socket, Prime all over the lid, Pop in the outer third, Smoke along the lashlines

This palette performs well but with the Pop shade being quite sheer on its own I question the versatility of this palette. Of course, this is the set up that Charlotte Tilbury swears by and I tried to follow in the look I created except I placed some of Pop on the outer third of my lid and despite a little bit of pink copper sparkle, it doesn’t add much depth to the eye. The darkest shade isn’t very dark which is one of my favourite things about this palette because how many dark brown shadows do we already have in every single palette we own? These tones are also unique in the realm of pink eyeshadow palettes and sort of hit the spot for me as someone who loves an eyeshadow that has a complex mix of warm and cool undertones to it. Just as long as it’s not a neutral brown. As I’m reading this, it seems to be a complete contradiction and I’m no chemist but in my eyes, the complexity I’m talking about is to take Smoke as an example, the fact that it is a warm brown but has those pink undertones.


As far the looks go. You can definitely do a look with three of these shadows or use them separately for a wash of colour depending on the depth you are looking for. I originally brought out Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage to compare the size of the palette. It sparked a thought though that Cocoa Mirage is definitely a lot more versatile but you get Pillow Talk because you want those pink tones so I suppose it evens out in the end. I must however say that I am not at all a fan of the Pop colour and secretly wish this palette came with another satin colour that was a version of my favourite rose bronze from Nars Chiang Mai Duo and so could be layered underneath Pop giving you the option of a pink or copper shimmer all over the eyes. The Smoke shadow is one of those that I use on the daily to smudge along the lash lines and that alone would make this palette worth it.

Overall, I am a huge fan of this palette because these tones fit right into my makeup style of a medium tone wash on the eyelid and a soft brown smoked along the lash lines. If you share the sentiment, this palette might just become a go-to. I remember when I exclusively used Becca Ombre Rouge for months and this has a similar potential.

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