Rolling Project Pan Update #4

This update is definitely long overdue (#3 was published on Mar 31st) and I think I reached a point with this project when I’m not as excited as I was at the beginning. To be fair, in order to see progress on some of the products, I’ve neglected others and even then, it’s taken me longer to get there than I initially thought. I’ve not been too good focusing on some of the products and the prospects of adding in extra just doesn’t appeal to me so I’m rolling in less than I’m rolling out.


MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC15 – this was one of the products I didn’t mind finishing and it’s actually been a while since I finished it. I reckon this was gone a bit over a month after my last update. I would also definitely repurchase it (in my shade) if I didn’t just buy loads new concealers. I was quite far into the pot but it still took months to use the rest of it up.

Glossier Generation G Lipstick in Leo – I did put this in the project because I knew Glossier had a new version of this product and the packaging of mine was falling apart so I just felt I needed to use it up. This was very sheer and I needed quite a few swipes to get any colour but it’s one of those colours just made my lips less pink and I enjoyed that. For how tiny the tube was it still took a while, it’s easy to reapply so definitely made me go through it quicker.

Sephora Jumbo Liner in Copper – I’ve previously exclaimed how I didn’t mind panning pencils but all the pencils I used up previously were retractable and not jumbo size so this took months of five day use as either eye liner or eyeshadow base. It was interesting to wear it almost daily because this was one of my favourite eye products and also one of the oldest in my collection but I’ve definitely fallen out of love with this format and also neglected all the other eyeshadows in my project pan because I preferred to layer this with Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk or MAC Dear Teddy as opposed shadows in this project and wore it exclusively that way.

Essence Kajal Eyeliner in Teddy (sorry couldn’t find it but swear it’s all gone) – this definitely went a lot quicker than the Sephora pencil so it wasn’t gone months ago. I’m not a big eye pencil wearer so it took a fair amount of getting used but it definitely stopped me from buying a few multiples of reddish brown eye pencils than I find oh so thrilling despite preferring to smudge shadow along the lashline.

Pai Rosehip Oil (again couldn’t find the bottle) – this one was fairly easy. I was pretty far into the bottle but couldn’t use it on my face so I wanted to put it into the project so I would remember to use it as body moisturiser. It lasted about five applications and I’m glad to have it out of my collection.


Tom Ford Eye Quad in Cocoa Mirage – I actually used this a far amount in the first month but then focused all my energy on the the Sephora pencil. I have a good dip in the mid brown and the reddish brown shades but barely touched the other two. I feel like now, with the pencil gone, I’ll be able to get this out more often and hopefully hit pan in at least one of the shades by the next update.

Chanel Eye Quad in Raffinement – the bottom left in this palette is my all time favourite eyeshadow and it’s pretty much gone by now so I’ve just been scrapping the edges of the pan with a tiny brushes. I also got a good deal of use of the light shade which pulls quite lilac on me and can definitely see progress on it. I’ve also used the aubergine shade as a liner more than I used the brown in Cocoa Mirage but I’m yet to touch the taupe in the palette. This palette contains two of my favourite eyeshadows and I’m sad to see them go since Chanel since updated their quad range but I’m also glad I’ve started getting my use out of them.

Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in New Moon – nothing to exciting to report on this one. I might have used this five times in the last four months because as much as I love the base colour, I just absolutely hate the glitter. I’m not sure if it’s worth keeping this in the project but I also want to get some use out of it before it dries out too much.

Chanel Joues Contraste in Accent – I’m the most proud of my progress on this one because I’ve finally hit pan and you use such tiny amount of this blush that it definitely fills like an achievement. I had used this as a blush exclusively ever since adding this into the project and even though, I’ve hit pan, there is still majority of the product left in the pan but currently I’m in the stage where I’ve completely forgotten about all my other blushes and just want the satisfaction of finishing a blush. Word of warning: baked blushes are not the best project pan pick.

Chanel Rouge Allure in Farouche – I’ve rolled this into the project in February and since then used half of the product which doesn’t make me feel very good about myself. I have also not worn this for two months because I not only prefer more nude tones but also a matte finish. Part of the reason is my choosing Raffinement over Cocoa Mirage and the cool tones in Raffinement really do not go with this lipstick.

MAC Lipliner in Whirl – again I hardly used this because I’m not a big lip liner person. I only ever used this in the mornings but I found myself rushing quite a bit in the last months so I wouldn’t apply lipstick until I got to work and this just kept on going underused. One I really need into the habit of picking up again!


Mac Matte Lipstick in Velvet Teddy – I’ve organically been slowly using up this lipstick for a while now and I’m adding it for two reasons. I wanted to make myself feel better because I know I can use it up fairly quickly. I have a lot of nudes and wanted to get at least one of them out of my collection since they’re all pretty much the same colour.

Dior Rouge Lipstick in Bar – I refuse to acknowledge how long I’ve had this product in my collection because it’s the most unlikely product in my collection (pale shimmery lipsticks are not my thing at all) but it has sentimental value and pretty much embodies my legal drama obsession. It’s actually quite nice with Raffinement because of it’s cool undertones but I’m more likely to reapply it without a mirror when I don’t feel like applying lipstick that day.

MUG Eyeshadow in Wild West – Wild West is the darker shade in the duo (the second shade is MAC Malt) and it’s the most perfect rosy brown in my collection but it’s also notoriously hard to blend. I did however find that I had no cool tone mattes in the project and for the most part, I can make it work if I blend it out with Malt. I’m not specifically putting Malt in the project but I’ll see how I get on – for the time being I would like to hit pan on Wild West.

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